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How to Set up and Configure Web Access for VMWare Horizon

End-users can connect to applications and remote desktops from a web browser on a client device. They can automatically start Horizon Client if already installed or download the installer. 

When you enter the Horizon Connection Server instance URL in the browser, a web page appears that has links to the VMWare downloads page, where you can download the Horizon client. You can configure the links on the webpage. You can make them point to another internal webserver or limit the client versions on your individual connection server.

If you have the HTML Access capability, there will be a link on the web page for accessing applications and remote desktops within the browser. There is no need to install a Horizon Client application on the device or client-side through this feature.

To learn about the settings and configurations needed to access VMware Horizon through the web, you will need to study and clear the VMware Horizon certification exam.  


To set up a Horizon 7 deployment via HTML access, you must first install the HTML Access component in the Connection server and allow inbound traffic on some TCP ports. You must enable HTML access to enable end-users to utilize and access published applications and desktops; you must enable HTML Access in farm settings. You must also enable HTML Access in the desktop pool settings for virtual desktops.

End-users can gain access to their published applications and remote desktops through a supported browser and a URL to act as a server. The VMWare Horizon web portal will appear when the user connects to a server. You can configure the VMWare Horizon Web Portal page appearance, set up group policies, control images quality and other settings.

System Requirements

For HTML access, the client does not require any other software other than a supported browser, although certain software requirements must be in place for Horizon 7 deployment.

Connection and Security Servers

Before the users can connect to the server or access a remote desktop, a Horizon administrator must install the connection servers and security servers if necessary. 

Configuration Requirements

Configure Horizon 7

You can add a security feature while configuring Horizon 7 by removing user credentials from the cache when the user closes the tab that connects to an application selection window or a remote desktop. 

Session collaboration feature requirements

Users can invite others to join an ongoing remote desktop session through the session collaboration feature. Your Horizon deployment must meet specific requirements to support the session collaboration feature.

Configure HTML Access Agents

You can replace the default TLS certificate generated by the HTML Access agent with the certificate signed by the Certificate Authority. 

You can also configure the HTML access agents to use certain cipher suites in place of the default set of ciphers.

Configure iOS

You must install a TLS certificate signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) to implement HTML Access on iOS. You cannot use the default TLS certificate generated by the HTML Access Agent or the Connection Server. 

Configure Autoplay in Safari

While performing HTML Access in Safari, users will need to press “OK’ on the “Click to Enable” dialog box. This will auto-play the audio while starting a remote desktop or published application for the first time or refreshing the browser for a remote desktop application. 

Upgrade and Uninstall HTML Access

To upgrade HTML Access, users must upgrade the Horizon Agent and Connection Server. You can uninstall the HTML Access feature through the same method you remove other Windows software. 

VMWare Horizon Certification

VMWare Horizon certification is designed to measure your level of skills in installing, designing, configuring and managing VMWare Horizon environments. This industry-recognized certifications help professionals reliably deliver applications, online services and virtual desktops to end-users. 


VMWare Horizon enables users to work in a digital workspace through the effective delivery of applications and virtual desktops that can cater to workers anytime, anywhere and on any device. By offering deep integration with the VMware ecosystem, the Horizon platform offers modern app/desktop management, a cloud-ready platform, and robust security to empower today’s vast digital workspace. To master VMWare Horizon concepts and their deployment on the web, individuals can procure the VMware Horizon certification from a reputed training institute.

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