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How To Wash The Car’s Inside

Did you know that there is one thing, which is very important that you clean properly inside your car?

There are some good tips for washing the cars interior. Are you one of those who prefer a stain- and sand-free car, or do you tolerates both clutter and stains? In the same way that we have different needs for tidiness and cleaning in the home, we are also different when it comes to car washing.

Thorough vacuuming

Start by emptying the car of things – everything lying on the floor and in the doors. Take out all the mats, rinse and clean them outside the car. Thoroughly vacuum all floors and seats. It is also a good idea to use a new paintbrush to loosen dust on all plastic. Due to condensation in the car, the dust must dissolve before wiping with a cloth. Then wash everything of plastic and vinyl. On thresholds and entry lists, we recommend washing with an interior soap before brushing since there is extra my dirt here.

Steam engine

When it comes to interior detergents, you should steer clear of strong, chemical soaps. We recommend Mekonomen and Bil-Xtra, which have many good washing products for car interiors.

If you have a steam engine, then it is the very best since you do not have to use chemistry at all, at the same time as it removes all bacteria. Fats from the skin and food debris are attached to textiles. We need to raise the temperature to get rid of both the stains and the bacteria. Just like when we wash clothes.

A drop of Xn–steamgrnt-r8a.dk

But the most important thing is still to wash the windows on the inside, and then the windshield is most important. Why? It is good to have good visibility when the autumn and winter sun is low.

There are many finished products when it comes to window washing, but in all soap products there is grease. We recommend the use of microfiber cloths, which are dipped in warm water with ammonia and a drop of Xn–steamgrnt-r8a.dk. And then we mean one drop. The ratio can be, for example, four liters of water, a cork with ammonia and a drop of Xn–steamgrnt-r8a.dk. Also be aware that there is a big difference in quality when it comes to microfiber cloths, and it pays to buy quality here.

Wash for traffic safety

It is especially noticeable in autumn and winter, when the sun is low in the sky, whether the windows are well washed or not. A film of dirt forms on the inside of the panes, giving it stains and poor visibility when the sun is shining. Avoid spray as it only rubs the dirt around; rather go for a bucket of hot water and salmon oil. Wipe well after washing.

Bacteria on the steering wheel

In the same way that there are suitable washing products for the various areas inside the house, there are similar products for cars. With children in the back seat, eating ice cream and other things, there are often stains in the seats. It is a good idea to wipe over as soon as they have spilled, but if you are out driving, it can be difficult. Even if what appears on the interior of the car is dust, remember that bacteria form, and so do the steering wheel. It is important to wash the steering wheel thoroughly.

Clean the air conditioner

For who does not like the feeling and smell of a Rengøring af bil? If you have textile seats, there are several impregnation products. Then only a damp cloth is needed for cleaning. And one last piece of advice – changes the filter and cleans the air conditioner from time to time. If you wait too long, there will be a smell of sour dishcloth every time you turn it on. We would recommend twice a year.

5 tips for car washing

  • Empty the car of all things on the floor and in doors. Take out the floor mats and clean them outside the car. Flush gravel and sand with a water hose.
  • Vacuum floors and seats thoroughly.
  • Before washing plastic and vinyl, go over with a new paint brush to loosen the dust before drying over. Use suitable, mild car interior products. Remember to wash food stains and the steering wheel carefully due to bacteria.
  • Do extra diligence with the inside of the car windows, and especially the windshield, due to traffic safety. Use warm water, ammonia and possibly a drop of Xn–steamgrnt-r8a.dk as well as a microfiber cloth.
  • Change the filter and clean the air conditioner regularly to avoid the smell of acidic dishcloth and the spread of bacteria in the car.

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