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Indian Visa for Business Travelers & Indian Visa Read Dates

Indian Visa for Business Travelers

In the past, getting an Indian visa proved to be a challenging task for many visitors. India Business Visa is much more challenging to get approved than a normal India Tourist Visa (Tourist India Visa). With innovative use of technology, payment integration, and backend software this is now simplified to a 2-minute online process. All processes are now online without requiring the traveler to leave their home or office. Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and France are among the nationalities allowed to complete the process online.

Numerous tourists or business visitors do not have the foggiest idea that an Indian visa can be applied for entirely on the web without visiting an Indian embassy or an Indian government office. Indian Visa for Business Travelers can also be applied for on the web in the same way. In the past, visa applicants from India used to regularly visit Indian government offices, or Indian embassy offices and waste their precious time standing in queues for countless hours a day.

There are illegal websites that sell India visas, which are not reliable or overcharge customers Some of these websites take more than an hour to complete the application for an India visa. On this website, however, if you are applying for an official India Government Business Visa or Tourist Visa, the whole process takes about 2-3 minutes from start to finish.

You can complete the Indian Visa from the comfort of your PC at home or office. Sophisticated back office systems have changed the way Indian visas are delivered to visitors to India. Our back office systems are highly advanced with biometric checks, optical character recognition, and magnetic readable zone from passports to ensure that no human error occurs in your application. Even if you make a mistake in entering the wrong passport number, this sophisticated software detects the error from the original passport image.

A simple combination of letters in name or surname can lead to the rejection of an Indian visa application by migration officers. 1 of the essential benefits of the software and artificial intelligence-based self-healing and self-correction system at the backend of this website is that manual data errors introduced as a result of human input from passports, photos, and business cards are rectified and avoided which usually result in rejection of applications. Business travelers to India who require an India Business Visa (e-Business India Visa) cannot cancel or delay their important trip due to

What’s Mentioned on Your Indian Visa?

Indian Visa How to Read Dates, There are 3 dates applicable to your Indian visa which you will receive electronically, India eVisa or eTA (Electronic Travel Authority).

ETA Issuance Date: This is the date when the Government of India issues the Electronic India Visa.

ETA Expiration Date: This date refers to the last date by which the visa holder has to enter India.

End date of stay in India: Not mentioned in your electronic India Visa. It is dynamically calculated based on your entry date and visa type in India.

When does your Indian visa expire and what does your Electronic India Visa (eVisa India) expiry date mean?

There is a lot of confusion among visitors to India. The term “expiry of ETA” causes confusion.

  • 30-Day Tourist India Visa
  • 30 days tourist India visa holder must enter India before the “ETA expiry date”.

Suppose the expiry date of ETA mentioned in your Indian visa is 8th January 2020 A 30 day visa allows you to stay in India for 30 consecutive days If you enter India on 1st January 2020, you can stay till 30th January, however, if you enter India on 5th January, you can stay in India till 4th February.

In other words, the last date of stay in India depends on the date of your entry into India and is not fixed or known at the time of issuance of your India visa.

For business visas, 1-year tourist visas, and 5-year tourist visas, the end of stay date is specified on the visa. Visitors cannot stay outside these dates. This date is the same as the ETA expiration date.

This fact is mentioned in red bold letters on the visa for example or business visa, it is 1 year or 365 days. In conclusion, the end date of stay in India is already mentioned for medical visa, business visa, 1-year tourist visa, and 5-year tourist visa, same as ‘ETA expiry date’.

However, for a 30-day tourist visa, the ‘ETA expiry date is not the last date of stay in India but the last date of entry into India. The last date of stay is 30 days from the date of entry into India. Citizens of 180 countries can now avail of the facility of online filing of Indian visa applications for business purposes as per the Government of India Act. It should be noted that tourist visas are not valid for business trips to India. A person can hold both tourist and business visa at the same time as they are mutually exclusive. Indian business visa is required for a business trip The visa restricts the activities that can be performed in India.

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