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Inspiring Design Ideas For Custom Wholesale Catalogs

Inspiring Design Ideas For Custom Wholesale Catalogs 

Catalogs represent you in front of buyers. If you do not make them attractive, they do not create a great impression of your brand. For perfect branding, choose custom wholesale catalogs. Nowadays, you know everything is getting modern. Hence, they like those things that have some uniqueness. 

For this, you must put effort into your custom catalog’s design, colour and style selection. The colour scheme must be excellent so that it allures more and more buyers to your products. 

Let’s take a look at the inspiring design ideas to create bulk catalogs. 

Printed Catalogs For Fashion Industry 

The industry which has great hype in the market is the fashion industry. Different brands hire the best models for their product promotion. As you know, people follow artists and like to wear or buy products their favourite celebrities have bought. 

For this, different brands hire top models to promote their luxurious items. But sometimes, they do not pay attention to their catalogs’ design. They do not think that it is also essential for their brand popularity. 

Fashion industry catalogs are of great importance. If people like products in wholesale custom catalogs. They will buy them. In the fashion industry, cosmetics, jewelry and clothes are in great demand.

For clothing, the ten famous catalogs are:

  • Clean and grid 
  • Fashion product catalog 
  • In design cookbook 
  • Minimal fashion catalog 
  • Summer fashion 
  • Winter Fashion 
  • Clothing catalog 
  • Outdoor-clothing product 
  • Outdoor clothing catalog 
  • Denim fashion 
  • Glam and stylish clothing product catalog 

So, pick your catalog according to your choices and give your clothing brand excellent visibility in the market. 

Add Information About Surprises And Gifts 

Some brands want to give their customers special offers on events. So, if you want to give special discounts and surprises to your buyers, then mention them on your wholesale custom catalogs. It will have a remarkable effect on buyers. 

For example, if you want to give your buyers special summer surprises, tell them about that in advance. Your target audience will start waiting for it, and even gossip about your special upcoming offers starts in town. 

The tips you can add if people buy your catalogs such as:

  • Thank You card in an envelope at the start. 
  • Tell them about offers in detail so that they do not get confused. 
  • If your catalog is related to kids, then you add some colouring pictures for them. 

These are the just tips you can do anything in design whatever you want for your custom catalog.

Do Not Use Fonts More Than Two 

Some companies make mistakes while designing free printed catalogs. For example, they use stylish fonts that are difficult to read. Moreover, they use 4 to 5 fonts at the same time. Due to this, it becomes uninteresting for buyers. 

Suppose customers will not understand what you want to say about your brand through your catalog. Then what is left behind? Nothing, they will ignore your booklet and go for another one. 

So, keep your target audience with you; use awesome and readable fonts. The different options for wholesale custom catalogs are: 

  • Veranda 
  • Banana yeti 
  • Helvetian 
  • Calibre 
  • Dido 
  • Raceway 
  • Proximal nova 
  • Pacific 
  • Cooper black 
  • Trajan 

Other than these, there are a variety of fonts available. You can choose any two from them for your brochures. 

Show Consistency In Your Catalog’s Design 

Show consistency in your bulk buying catalogs for successful branding. You can maintain the design consistency in your brochure by using a suitable colour scheme, font and style. The font you use for one page is the same as for all the pages. Moreover, in restaurants both catalog folders and tree-panel folders are used for presentation of their available food items. Both of them play a key role in branding and put a good impression on customers.

The consistency in the design of wholesale custom catalogs makes them more attractive. In addition, you can use dark and light colour mixtures to engage buyers. Furthermore, you can also add small sections that show essential points. 

Try to engage buyers with your brand catalogs by doing some creativity in style, design and colour. 

Use High-Resolution Images 

The photographs make your wholesale custom catalogs more attention-grabbing. For example, the models you hire in the fashion industry are good-looking. Further, the place you choose for the background is mesmerising. But the picture is of no excellent resolution. Does it attract and make your buyers happy? Obviously no.

So, to engage buyers, use the best cameras for photography. After that, you will get high-resolution pictures for your brand’s booklet. 

Select The Right Paper For Custom Printed Catalogs 

The most important aspect to note while designing wholesale custom catalogs for any brand is the proper paper selection. If the paper is perfect, everything on it looks enticing. For example, choose gloss and velvety paper for the inside pages. Furthermore, heavier paper for the outside look. 

So, what you want for your booklet is totally up to you. How do you present the brochures in front of your target audience? Other than that, it depends on your budget. Hence, keep all these factors in mind and design bulk buying catalogs.

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