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Introducing and downloading BlackShades

In this training, you will get to know the features and parts of the BlackShades root completely. In the continuation of the hacking and security training, stay with us using the root.

Rat BlackShades

Description As we introduced NJ RAT in the hacking client training and got acquainted with its function, we want to introduce another RAT. In general, RATs are advanced tools for spying on remote system control, which have different types made for each operating system. which we see for free and not free in the IT world, we introduce BlackShades in this training, which is for Windows, in the sense that you can use it to penetrate the Windows operating system and use its panel in other Windows controlled .

Getting to know BlackShades

In the introduction of the top 10 tools , we introduced the second most popular and widely used router, BlackShades, and the reasons for this can be summed up as the user-friendly graphic interface and the wonderful features of this router. The thing about this router is that it is not free. And we have placed its cracked version in the download section and you can easily use the cracked version for free.

Features of BlackShades

  • System monitoring 
  • Remote 
  • Kilager 
  • Live Kilager 
  • View the webcam 
  • voice recording 
  • Registry 
  • Upload and download 
  • File manager 
  • Open the page chat 
  • System control such as shutdown and restart 
  • Network settings 
  • Very advanced features when creating infected files 

Note : Before downloading and running the BlackShades root , turn off your antivirus so that you can use the root without any problems.

Learning how to run BlackShades

After downloading, unzip it and enter the Data folder , there is a file called Registrator.exe, which you need to run, then check the Unicode option and click the Register option, now it is back to the main program folder and Injector.exe Run then you can use BlackShades.

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