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Is brachytherapy an ideal cure to rectify metastatic spine tumors?

Nowadays, millions of individuals have spine cancer yearly, leading to a deliberating and painful condition. At the University of California Irvine, radiology researchers have established more potential and precise therapy to target tumors by injecting radioactive isotopes into the affected bone. This therapy is much more potent than traditional radiation methods that prevent patients from the risks and side effects of conventional radiation therapy. If you are dealing with spine cancer, opt for the Spinal Tumour Treatment in Punjab.

Moving further, before taking conventional radiation therapy, patients prefer to treat themselves with bone cement injections to shrink spinal tumors, strengthen their vertebrae, and relax from pain. Due to the pain, these patients always lie on their beds or on bed rest. However, bone cement injections help them to leave their bed and walk outside by taking radiation therapy. If you are going through the same situation (severe pain in your spine), come to the Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana.

Focused radiation

By combining radioactive isotopes into the bone cement, neurologists irradiate the affected bone from the inner side without influencing other tissue. Compared with the previous treatment options, even though traditional radiation passes via the bone, all of its tissues that come in between its path lead to several adverse effects such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, etcetera. Additionally, brachytherapy is a new procedure in which bone cement injections directly inject into the tumor-infected area in vertebrae. It includes beta-emitting radioisotopes with a range of three to six millimeters, less than one-fourth of an inch. Radiation does not affect the spinal cord or surrounding tissues if it lies in between these notations.

Eliminating side effects

Modern radiation therapy does not affect a patient’s gastrointestinal tract, so there is no chance of adverse effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc. The dosage that reaches the spinal cord is much lower, and traditions of this new therapy focus on the critical area inside the bone. The tests or exams of this modern technique are completed within a two-step process: stabilizing the spine under the supervision of radiation treatment could become a single outpatient method. Furthermore, brachytherapy bone cement can utilize before the conventional radiation procedure, which means it would still be an option if spine tumors start rebuilding again. If you still have any query into your mind related to brachytherapy bone cement, you can contact the best spine doctor in Ludhiana.

How is it targeting the tumor:

  • A radioisotope is combined into bone cement.
  • The radiation rays arrive only at the tumor site and result in a more accurate treatment.
  • The cement is directly injected into the vertebrae where tumors or cancer cells are situated.

The Neuro Life Brain and Spine Centre is famous for treating all neurological health issues such as infected spinal cords, brain tumors, nervous system, etcetera. We have a team of well-experienced and intelligent neurologists who will listen to your problems carefully and confer relevant cures as per the modern treatment or equipment.

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