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Is It Dangerous To Live In Wisconsin?

You’re probable more likely to accomplice Wisconsin with the Cows and Green Bay Packers than with crime. Sadly, the state has now not escaped this trouble. While crime has decreased in cutting-edge years, modern-day occasions have changed the scenario dramatically. The days of keeping your door open can be a relic of the beyond.

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Still, in line with US News & World Report, Wisconsin ranks within the pinnacle 10 of the most cozy locations inside the u.S.A. Of america. Perhaps the motive for this is its continental weather. Summers are frequently pretty warm, with massive snowstorm in winters. It is the thirtieth largest nation in the Union, however has a reasonably low population density. As you could assume, the worst places for crime have more people.


(US News, Wisconsin Historical Society)

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Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin A Quick Look

More than 3-quarters of Wisconsin’s 778 towns have fewer than 10,000 humans. Hot spots of crime are often those huge towns. It is essential to avoid portray the region with massive strokes. Many of those locations have relaxed and risky areas in which you are much more likely to experience crime. The FBI also reminds us that many elements play a function that goes past truely the figures on a spreadsheet.


(US Census Bureau, FBI)


1. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee is the biggest town in the u . S . A .. It moreover has the most crime. The town’s rich data is apparent in the variety of historic houses and neighborhoods. Manufacturing has been an essential monetary purpose pressure, with companies which encompass Miller Brewing and Harley-Davidson primarily based inside the city. The place additionally homes an outstanding array of museums and unique public attractions.


Violent crime remains excessive, irrespective of reform efforts. Interestingly, property crime has declined thru almost forty% considering the truth that 2006. Nevertheless, every violent and nonviolent crime charges are nicely above the kingdom common. Milwaukee has a rather immoderate poverty price and coffee median own family earnings for a town of its size, every of which may be without a doubt contributing factors.


(US Census Bureau, FBI)


2. Appleton, WI

Appleton is located approximately 108 miles north of Milwaukee and is the 6th largest city in the kingdom. Major employers are Affinity Health System and Thrivent Financial. The town has a colourful transportation hub, that is served thru air, rail and bus. It is likewise placed near numerous important highways. Appleton has an lively calendar of public sports with many traveler points of interest.


On a super phrase, elegant violent and nonviolent crime has reduced in present day years. Rates also are under the usa not unusual. Nevertheless, assault and theft stay massive issues. Unfortunately, 2019 saw a slight increase in high-quality varieties of crime, specially assault and rape. This befell in assessment to declining nation prices.


(US Census Bureau, FB, City of Appleton)


3.Green Bay, WI

Green Bay is positioned 119 miles straight away north of Milwaukee on the water frame that offers the metropolis its name. Several primary highways connect it to the rest of the nation. There also are numerous universities and colleges in the area, in addition to its NFL group, the Green Bay Packers, with its iconic Lambeau Field. All those objects make this place a traveller excursion spot.


The poverty fee in the metropolis is nicely above the usa of the usa commonplace of eleven.3%, which can be a contributing element to its excessive belongings crime. In modern day years, there was an increase in violent crime, with the satisfactory growth in attack and rape. Both kinds are well above the us common. Overall, crime prices have not declined as plenty during the last numerous years. Instead, they seem to flatten out and do no longer fall as speedy.


(US Census Bureau, FBI)

4.West Allis, WI

West Allis is a suburb of Milwaukee, placed approximately 7 miles west of downtown. It is a manufacturing town like many within the u . S .. Siemens Power Corporation and Quad Graphics are the most employers on this zone. West Alice has  claims to reputation. It is the internet net page of the u . S .’s state honest grounds. Also on this metropolis is the Petit National Ice Center, considered considered one in every of handiest 30 indoor velocity skating rinks inside the global.


West Allis has seen a rise in belongings crime during the last numerous years. Although it’s miles decrease than earlier than, it is although better than the nation commonplace. Attacks have furthermore prolonged, with a hundred and ten seemed crimes committed in 2019. Although the poverty price is just like Wisconsin, the proportion of minorities is considerably higher.


5.Madison, WI

Madison is the second largest city in Wisconsin and the country capital. It is placed approximately eighty miles west of Milwaukee. The city has storied architectural information with many houses designed with the resource of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It is likewise domestic to the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the Wisconsin Badgers university football team. The metropolis has many cultural sights and plenty of parks and avenues.


There are dozens of neighborhoods in Madison with various crime styles. While most fees are normal with the dominion commonplace, burglary and theft are higher in this faculty town. It is properly in reality well worth noting that the poverty fee is also quite immoderate. Like Green Bay, information show crime degrees, in vicinity of lowering, in contemporary years. That’s a disgrace, thinking about that Madison has little to provide for citizens and area visitors alike.There’s plenty to do.


(US Census Bureau, FBI)


6. Racine, WI

Racine is located at the seashores of Lake Michigan, approximately 30 miles south of Milwaukee. It is the fifth largest metropolis inside the country. It is a manufacturing town, generating a widespread type of merchandise from motorcycles to malted milk balls. Architecture performs an crucial function in Racine, with many homes at the National Register of Historic Places. There are also a few examples from Frank Lloyd Wright.


Racine become as soon as one of the safest towns within the us of a. Unfortunately, present day figures tell a very unique story. Robberies, burglaries and assaults are better than the Wisconsin common. There have been 990 known belongings crime offenses in 2019 on my own. Arson has additionally been an problem within the previous couple of years. Unfortunately, these charges make Racine one of the least secure towns in the united states of america.


(US Census Bureau, FBI)


7.Janesville, WI

Janesville is located about 76 miles southwest of Milwaukee. Its declare to popularity is the home of Parker Penn. The metropolis is also home to many historic houses that mirror its history. Several companies are based within the location, which include Woodman’s Food Market. Healthcare and training are also primary employers. The town has invested carefully in its inexperienced cowl, making it an inexperienced vicinity.


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