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Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 Café Riding experience

Kawasaki’s products have been attracting a lot of attention in the industry over the past few years, especially for their individual and avant-garde design concepts.

But Kawasaki understands that individuality alone is not enough. It is not just individuality that will get people to love and recognise a product, but that more people have to experience the product to get more feedback and word of mouth.

So the Kawasaki ERGO-FIT is designed to make it easier for more users to experience and accept their products, as long as you can ride a motorbike, then go ahead and enjoy!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Kawasaki Vulcan S  from the Tojo Moto Kawasaki flagship shop in Shanghai, what kind of experience could Kawasaki give me as an entry-level cruiser?

Over the next week, I will be getting a close look at the Kawasaki ERGO-FIT concept.

The look

Typical modern sport-retro cruiser styling with a compact body design and 90% matte brushed paint covering the whole bike, which invariably conveys a sense of understated sturdiness and desire to drive.

My favourite design on the whole car is the spade headlights, which are very stylish and beautifully designed, with modern retro elements to be seen, except that the original headlights’ light distribution settings leave me feeling a little lacking …… too dark!

I understand that the designers wanted to make the car look more compact and sporty, but after all, it is a cruiser and the style should be continued.


With a seat height of 705mm, anyone can be a long-legged, long-legged driver. The angle of the handlebars and the support of the cushion are enough to reduce the fatigue of driving for long periods of time.

I tried to find a place for a disc lock on the car, but couldn’t. It’s understandable, however, that the country is different and it’s necessary to carry a disc lock for convenience when you’re out and about, but I found that it could be modified in a harmonious location without affecting the overall look and performance.

Power performance

I didn’t bother to copy the parameters of the parallel twin into the article, but as an entry-level cruiser this powertrain is more than adequate for the environment and user group this model is aimed at, with 46.3 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel more than adequate for everyday street use. The Vulcan S 650 is not intended to be a violent powerhouse.

Braking performance

The Vulcan S 650 Café is equipped with ABS as standard, with 300mm twin pistons at the front and 250mm single pistons at the rear for all kinds of emergencies.

The brake travel and braking force distribution are also very good, and the clutch lever comes with 5 levels of travel adjustment as standard to suit most people’s braking habits.

There is nothing special about the stock Dulop tyre experience but one thing to note is that the Vulcan s 650 owner’s manual mentions that changing the stock tyre setting size may prevent the ABS from working properly but does not affect the use of the brakes. So it is also a reminder to pay attention to the tyre size when changing tyres to ensure that the ABS functions properly.

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