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Lian Home Thai Business Trip Massage Course Guide

Experience the best healing time with the best business trip massage service.

We will guide you through the representative courses and prices provided by Lian Home Thai, as well as the price of an unlimited number of business trip massages. Our Lian Home Thai Business Travel Massage provides the best satisfaction to our customers with the course you want or a customized course. We will guide you through the following three representative massage courses.

What is home tie?

Home Thai is a word that refers to Thai massage at home. Home Thai typically refers to Thai massage, but it can be seen as a business trip massage where you can receive all types of massage at home, including Swedish, aroma massage, and Lomi. In other words, home tie can also be called business trip massage or business trip massage, and recently the term home care is also used. Massage is a therapy that has been around since ancient times, and there are several techniques that use your hands to relax muscles and fascia, and various methods and tools have been developed over a long period of time.

There are plenty of massage parlors, but in order to relieve the hectic daily life of busy modern people, Home Thai, where you can get a massage in a comfortable place and at any time you want, was a type of service that had no choice but to get a great response from customers. For this reason, home ties are very popular in Korea and are spreading throughout the country centering on the metropolitan area.

Advantages of home tie

There are several needs for a home tie.

The first is speed. Since modern people value time as the most important thing, visiting a massage parlor in person can be time consuming. It’s really nice that Home Tie saves time and saves time because it comes to your home just by calling from anywhere.

Second, with the development of smart devices, modern people are chronically experiencing neck and back pain, and it is really important to relieve them through regular massage. In addition, there are many effects such as muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and insomnia treatment, which is one of the reasons for using Home Tie.

Third, for those who are reluctant to visit a road shop massage company and use the facilities there, it can be said that the advantage of using a home tie is that you can receive a massage in your own space with confidence.

Lian Home Thai Massage Manager

Home tie Korean managers in their 20s mainly specialize in Swedish or aromatherapy, where delicate touch and sympathy are important. All of them are professional managers who have completed proper massage therapy training.

Lian Home Thai Massage Therapy

There are two types of 출장안마 therapy. They are surface massage and deep tissue massage. Superficial massage is a massage used to treat injuries, sprains, bruises and other superficial wounds. Deep massage is mainly used for injuries and chronic problems of tissues such as nerves, tendons, and muscles. Both types of massage are aimed at relieving pain by releasing tight tissues and relieving chronic stress. It is important to use both types of massage to ensure that your body has returned to its normal balance.

Another effect of Lian home Thai massage therapy is to calm the oxytocin receptors in the mind and human brain. Oxytocin is the hormone that makes you feel comfortable and happy after receiving a massage. It also helps to reduce anxiety symptoms, and massage is good for releasing oxytocin, which is also responsible for depression and lowering cortisol.

In the massage market, there are numerous techniques and equipment designed to relax the body and stimulate the release of oxytocin. Swedish masseuses are trained to apply moderate pressure to a shallow layer of tissue for pain relief and tissue relaxation. Swedish masseuses also use massage techniques such as rolling massage and Petri massage to relieve anxiety, restore joint mobility, increase blood flow, and strengthen lymphatic circulation.

How to use Lian Home Thai

This is a user guide to refer to when using Home Tie.

  • Select by referring to the review, course and price list on the homepage.
  • After consulting the desired time and course through the phone inquiry at the top of the page, you will be assigned a manager.
  • Please tell us the location and once the reservation is made, it is recommended to take a shower in advance for a more pleasant and clean massage.
  • When the manager arrives at the reservation location, pay the fee and receive home tie service from the comfort of your home.

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