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Live Hold’em

Online Live Hold’em

In general, Texas Hold’em, which we are playing, is structured so that up to 9 people can enjoy the game at the same time at one table, as everyone knows. The base itself has to be seen as one of the games with a lot of offline tendencies. Offline orientation is one of the characteristics of games that are basically person-to-person and face-to-face. It is a face-to-face game that sits at a table and competes, and can be played in any form, such as 1:1 or many: many. In offline hold’em, the card hand is also important, but various techniques used in the hold’em game can reverse the win or loss. The live hold’em game is a game where you can compete with skill rather than 100% luck, considering various situations of high psychological warfare and tension. Therefore, it can be said that the game has a very strong offline tendency. Because Live Hold’em is also Texas Hold’em, the tendency itself is not different. Because it is a live hold’em game, it can be said that the sense of realism and realism are saved compared to the basic hold’em game.

When it comes to the description of the live 온라인홀덤 system, it is not much different from the live casino system. Except for offline hold’em, most of the online hold’em games that users are currently enjoying are divided into simple 2D or 3D hold’em games developed with the latest solutions. Therefore, the live hold’em system itself is still somewhat unfamiliar in Korea. It is a system that emphasizes that it is a real-time game and competes against the dealer and other 3rd party players in real time.

Live hold’em structure

Because it is live, the method of transmitting the video in real time from the studio is adopted. Due to the nature of the game, the dealer does not have much to do other than deal cards and proceed with the game because it is not a game against the dealer. Because it is a player vs player structure, a large number of players must be seated at one table to make the pot bigger and more exciting. Since we need to emphasize that the video and the dealer’s dealing are real-time, we have adopted a method of showing it to the players through various devices.

Differences from casinos In casino games, almost all game companies offer live casinos. Therefore, if you are a player familiar with casinos, there will be no awkward part in Live Hold’em itself. Since the casino game itself is not a player vs player composition, this seems to be the biggest difference. Since there are a lot of players, if the game is played with 8 to 9 players, the realism may feel more like a casino. Unfortunately, there is still almost no demand in Korea, so it seems to be difficult to operate.

Reasons for lack of domestic demand

Unlike casino games, we will explain why domestic demand is insufficient. Basically, it wasn’t long before the game itself called Hold’em became popular in Korea. Of course, there were plenty of people who enjoyed it, but in the online hold’em market, the story is completely different. Almost all of the online hold’em companies out there are currently playing 2D or 3D table games. This is the reason why I prefer a simple and fast-paced way because it’s a battle between players. This is because it is difficult for Koreans to gain great popularity for long and slow games. In the case of hold’em, where up to 9 cards are played, each blind is different, but the rotation speed is by no means fast compared to other games. That is why, in the case of a person who is in a hurry, the tension or realism of Live Hold’em can simply approach boredom.

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