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Mazda MX-30 officially arrives in Malaysia: 199 km maximum range

The Mazda MX-30 is based on the CX-30 and has a completely different front-end design as well as the RX-8 door design, and has a maximum range of 199 km, and is priced at RM 198,780 because the new car has received a tax break!

The MX-30 can be seen as a sibling of the CX-30, with a symmetrical door design that pays homage to the RX-8, and a standard Crossover with body dimensions of 4,395 mm x 1,795 mm x 1,570 mm and a wheelbase of 2,655 mm. In addition, the details of the new car are more elaborate than the CX-30, and there are very big changes on the exterior, including the tail light clusters, headlight clusters, and the entire body line have been redesigned, but it is worth mentioning that the excellent design of the doors is more than opening the front doors to open the rear doors, such design is believed to reduce the wind resistance coefficient and enhance the rigidity of the vehicle.

The interior has also been redesigned to a very large extent, only the upper part of the car is the same as the CX-30 (but the instrumentation has changed in design, a mix of color information screen and traditional hands), and also has a dual-screen (one for the entertainment console and one for the air conditioning control panel design), while the original gear lever has also become an electronic gear lever, and the entire base of the gear lever, In addition, the original factory used a large number of environmentally friendly materials in the interior of the car, not only to make the vehicle’s sense of hierarchy more distinct but also to make the MX-30’s sense of technology and texture to a higher level.

The new car is powered by a water-cooled electric motor with a maximum horsepower of 141 Hp and a peak torque of 264 Nm, officially called e-Skyactiv and a single-speed electric motor. DC fast charging, with a speed of 40 kW, can be fully charged to 80% in 30 to 40 minutes! As for the 0-100 acceleration time, it is 9.7 seconds.

Officially, this is an electric car for urban driving, driving it you can not only have Mazda’s excellent driving pleasure, but also have a more sophisticated interior design and avant-garde pure electric power configuration, but the problem with this car is short-range, I wonder what you think of it?

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