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Measures to be taken against motorcycle theft

Measures to be taken against motorcycle theft

Motorcycle theft, which is much more common than automobile theft; may cause you to lose the car that you love so much, maybe you have waited for a long time and bought it with your savings. If you do not have the opportunity to park your engine in a garage or in a closed area, you can prevent theft with various measures. Here are the precautions to protect your motorcycle:

Choose Your Parking Area Well

You may not have a garage, but your motorcycle; can take the most basic precautions by parking in a safe, uninhabited, rough, enclosed area so that it cannot be dragged easily in case of theft. In addition to these, parking your motorcycle in an area with different vehicles will also make it less noticeable.

Draw Less Attention With Canvas

The less attention your motorcycle attracts, the less likely it is to be stolen. In addition to parking your vehicle in a more crowded area, you can also make it attract less attention by covering it with a tarpaulin or a cover specially prepared for engines. This method is especially important for protecting expensive and famous brand motorcycles. In addition, the covers will take on a protective role against external factors and will prevent scratches and contamination.

Evaluate All Lock Options

You can also protect your vehicle with lock systems specially produced for motorcycle safety. Steering wheel lock, disc lock that thieves cannot break easily, and chain locks that will allow you to tie your vehicle to a solid object will be both deterrent and challenging. Using all these locks together will significantly increase security.

Install Key Recognition System

The immobilizer, which is defined as the key recognition system, is placed inside the ignition key of your vehicle. Thanks to this system, your engine only works with the key defined in the assembly. Thus, thieves cannot start your vehicle with the method called “flat ignition”. This system can be added later, or it is directly included in the vehicle system during the production phase by some automobile and motorcycle brands.

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