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Modify your group’s members

The removal of people on Facebook to increase engagement? WTF?

This is contrary to general wisdom and what many entrepreneurs are trying to accomplish. I’ve spoken about reducing my list of email addresses before (check out the video) in addition to this value.

Here’s the problem. It has been proven that if you’ve created an enormous Facebook group, however, no one is engaged on your posts within the group, the general engagement and the reach of your posts will fall.

It appears that Facebook is analyzing the proportion in terms of the number of members belonging to the group and the number of people who are involved in determining if the content of the group should be put out in Facebook’s newsfeed click here.

Keep in mind that many people are part of many groups, meaning there’s plenty of competition in the newsfeed market.

How does Facebook decide what information to promote in front of more users? They wish that the experience be enjoyable and beneficial for everyone. If more people participate in the group, they are more likely to enjoy the content.

Try out “paid” groups versus just free.

It’s more of a sophisticated method, but if you already have plenty of participants in your group for free (or in the email lists you have), one of the cool things you could do is create a “paid” group.

To be clear, this isn’t a group on Facebook which people pay for (which violates T&C), But it could be a group you pay members can access in exchange for other items they purchase.

This could work very well because people who are more invested in the game (by buying the products you offer) tend to be engaged with your content, which means that it will be more attention from a more significant proportion of people.

Send your friends messages.

Here’s how it works: When somebody sends your business’s Facebook page with a request, you can send a message to them via that page and broadcast their messages. There are certain limitations to which you can’t turn into a spammer, and that’s how it operates.

I recommend using an external third-party tool to manage and expand your messenger list to simplify things. Otherwise, you could be struggling. My preferred tool is ManyChat (and it’s the one that most users recommend too).

From there, there is a myriad of ways that your followers can message you.

You can place pop-ups on your site, invite people to post on Facebook, and accomplish many different things, which I will not discuss in this post. I may in the future, however.

Remind subscribers to sign up on the messenger

The cool thing is when you’ve got some people on your list of messengers, You can then send messages to them, which will help you improve the overall engagement on Facebook followerspro.

It is possible to remind people when you’ll be living, or of new great posts you’ve recently published.

Let’s say you spent an hour making material for a hugely impressive Livestream and then launched your live stream, but you didn’t receive many views. Encourage your followers to look it up! This leads to more views and engagement. That’s great!

If you’re planning to Livestream, let your friends know beforehand. The same thing that we discussed at one point points earlier; however, you are sure that people will be able to receive an invitation to join your live stream since messenger chats have an open rate of 98.

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