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Pack smart for your move: 12 handy tips!

You are packing for your move. What’s the best way to pack your things? Moving day is really approaching, and you’re worried about how you’re going to get all your stuff packed in the moving van and unpacked again? That’s understandable, but there’s no need to worry. There are a lot of tricks that can make the whole process a lot smarter. We have collected 12 smart tips for you that will make packing for your move a piece of cake!

1.      Put garbage bags on your clothes

Why would you take all your clothes out of the closet one by one when it can be done much easier? You can tie the garments together with a garbage bag. You can leave them on the hangers and load them directly from the wardrobe into the moving van. You can hang them back in the closet with the same ease in your new home. It is wise to purchase extra large and sturdy garbage bags. You can purchase this bag at affordable rates from Britwrap.com. This company also offers a variety of protective packaging materials that you’ll need during your move, e.g., mattress moving cover, rug storage bag, etc.

2.      Pack crockery with towels

Your crockery must be packed securely. You also need to bring your towels. One plus one equals two, so why not combine them? Your towels are the perfect wrapping material for your plates. For extra strength, make 2 or 3 plates in a towel and seal them with packing tape. This way, you save on wrapping paper and bubble wrap and space in your moving boxes! Did you know that it is best to place the plates vertically in the box? This reduces the risk of breaking.

3.      Put socks on the glasses

You can protect your glasses and vases with your socks by the same principle. Your socks have to come with you anyway, so why not use them as packing material? You can also use newspapers, towels, or bubble wrap as padding between the glasses for extra protection.

4.      Close bottles with foil

Of course, when unpacking the moving boxes, you don’t want to find out that everything is covered with body lotion or shampoo. That is why it is wise to pack the bottles extra safely. First, take a piece of cling film and put it over the bottle’s opening. Then you put the regular cap on it.

5.      Organize your jewelry smartly

If you have a lot of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, then this tip is for you. To prevent your jewelry from getting tangled during transport, you can pack them in different ways. Have you already thought of the following tricks?

  • Use ziplock bags for your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets
  • Putting small earrings in pillboxes
  • Thread chains through drinking straws or toilet rolls so they don’t get tangled
  • Keep earrings together by putting them through the buttons of a buttonhole (and sticking them with tape)
  • Piercing earrings through a piece of cardboard

6.      Put books in trolley cases

Books are usually the heaviest items to carry around during a move. If you want to save your back, you can also put the books in a rolling case. You can roll them to the moving van, which costs much less energy. Of course, it would be best to take your trolleys with you anyway, so you kill two birds with one stone with this tip. Don’t have roller cases? Then use special book boxes. These are extra small and sturdy moving boxes to transport your books perfectly.

7.      Wrap cabinets with foil

You can wrap cabinets with protective film. This has two advantages: the doors and drawers do not open during lifting. In addition, you can simply leave light items, such as underwear or cutlery, in the drawers. This saves a lot of packing and unpacking!

8.      Pack screws together

If you have to take furniture apart, it’s best to put the screws in small bags. Then, write on the bags to which piece of furniture they belong and stick the bag with tape on one of the parts of the relevant furniture. This way, you have everything at hand when you need to reassemble the furniture.

9.      Photograph the cords

Where did that red cable go again? And why do I have a plug on this? To avoid questions like that, it’s best to take a picture of the back of your devices. So you know exactly how to connect the TV, modem, and DVD player to your new home.

10. Use color codes on your moving boxes

Buy different tape colors and use them to mark the sides of the moving boxes. Choose a different color for each room in your new house. Then, in the new house, stick the same color tape on the doors of the different rooms. This way, the movers or your friends can see where each box needs to go.

11. Make a box with stuff for the first day

On the first day in your new home, you will most likely be exhausted and don’t feel like looking for the moving box with the toothbrush in it. That is why it is wise to set up a recognizable box with all the things you need on the first evening, night and morning. Think toiletry bags, pajamas, breakfast items, glasses, et cetera.

12. Don’t take everything with you!

One of the most important points for a smooth relocation is? Don’t take too much! Why spend energy and time moving things you don’t really need? Need help?

We hope these smart packing tips will help you prepare for your moving day.

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