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Postman like a bank. Here’s how long postal transfers take

In the past, many of us used to use postal money transfer regularly – it was one of the main forms of sending money remotely. Now, transfers via the Post Office are less popular, which is mainly related to the greater availability of on-line bank accounts. However, when we want to make or are to receive a postal transfer, how long does it take to wait for the money?

We do not have to go to the bank to deposit money order on the account there. When we do not have a bank account with online access, postal transfers are a very attractive proposition. The service is provided by all post offices.

Poczta Polska offices can be found even in these smaller towns, which is why it is a great convenience for people who have difficulties accessing banks. What’s more, payments in PLN can be made even to the postman!

What is a postal transfer?

Bank account payments made by the Post Office are cash payments made at post offices and by postmen, and then transferred to the recipient in electronic form, i.e. as a payment to the indicated bank account.

We can make transfers in PLN and in any amount in branches, but when paying to the postman, the amount cannot be higher than the equivalent of 120% of the average monthly salary.

How long does the postal transfer take?

On the website of Poczta Polska, we can find information that the Post Office transfers funds to the recipient’s bank on the dates: D0 / D + 1 (Priority payment) and D + 2 (Standard payment). In the case of Priority payments – the time of transferring funds also depends on the time and place of payment.

Therefore, the Standard payment is made by the Post Office no later than on the second business day from the receipt of the payment. The Priority payment, on the other hand, is usually made on the same day or the next day. If the payment order is accepted by 2:00 p.m., then the payment is transferred to the account on the day of its acceptance. When we make the payment after 2 p.m., then it is transferred on the next working day from its receipt.

We must also add the payment posting dates to these deadlines. By default, the payment is made according to the Elixir session, therefore the recipient should receive it on the same business day or on the next business day. Therefore, the transfer should not go longer than 1-4 days, except for weekends and holidays, because then transfers are not made at Post Office outlets and Elixir sessions are not conducted.

How much is the transfer at the post office?

A payment to a Standard bank account will cost us PLN 3.40 in the amount of a transfer up to PLN 600. When we want to make a payment of over PLN 600, the cost is 0.6% of the payment amount. In turn, the payment to the account made in the Priority service will cost us little more – it is PLN 3.50 in the amount up to PLN 600 and 0.6% of the amount above PLN 600.

In the case of transfers to the Social Insurance Institution, Tax Offices and Customs Offices, the price is PLN 10 per transfer.

Additional information about transfers at the Post Office can be found on its website and at its branches.

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