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Requirements to work at Postmates

Requirements to work at Postmates

If you are considering signing up for Postmates, we will explain how to do it quickly. The arrival of this type of service brought benefits for all; both for those who collaborate for the companies, and for the users who pay and enjoy the benefits.

Postmates is similar in style to Uber Eats and Rappi, and a great opportunity to find a job, so in this article, we teach you how to be part of their service. It is very simple and will not take you much time.

What is Postmates?

Based in San Francisco, Postmates was born in 2011 and currently operates in several cities in the United States.

The app allows you to request the delivery of anything, anytime, anywhere, be it drinks, food, or even school supplies. There are only a few prohibited products, which must not be delivered.

The great advantage of this delivery network is that it makes it possible to deliver orders by car, bicycle, truck, motorcycle, scooter, etc., at the times chosen by each delivery person.

To get activated on Postmates, you will need to sign up through their official site. The platform asks for some simple personal data. Completing the form will take just 5 minutes.

Requirements to work at Postmates

If you want to become a member of the Postmates fleet, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll only have to meet essentially basic requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have a mobile phone with the Postmates app installed.
  • Go through a background check.

As for vehicles, there is no requirement! You can move how you prefer: in your car, by bicycle, on an electric scooter or even on foot.

Once your application is approved, Postmates will send you all the materials you need for food delivery and ordering, like an insulated delivery bag and a prepaid driver card.

How to work at Postmates

Step 1: Register online
If you want to work for Postmates, you must create an account by entering your email and the password you want to use, here through their registration link:

Step 2: Complete the requested information
After creating your Postmates account, you are asked to complete a series of personal data (name, date of birth, phone number, type of device you will use -if it is iPhone or Android-, the market you want to cover, the type of vehicle, etc.)

Step 3: Indicate your current address
It will be the address that the company will maintain to send the welcome kit, which includes a bag to keep the things to be delivered hot or cold.

Step 4: Accept the Fleet Agreement
The Fleet Agreement contains the terms and conditions under which you serve as a Postmates courier.

Step 5: Background Check
A background check involves a review of your criminal history. In case of registering a motorcycle or car, the Motor Vehicles Record will also be verified, a record that shows the driving history of the driver; including information about your driver’s license (eg, if there were suspensions or cancellations) or information about traffic accidents, etc.

Step 6: Add your profile photo
If you don’t have a photo already available to use, you can click the “Upload a Selfie” button from within the app. It must be a clear photo of the face (from the shoulders up), without wearing a hat, or glasses and without applying filters to the image.

Step 7: Sign in and set up your bank account to receive payments
Once your account is activated, sign in to the Dashboard in the app and link your bank account.

Postmates requires a checking account (“transactional bank account”), that is, an account that supports both deposits and withdrawals. Your earnings will be deposited there. Prepaid cards and accounts such as PayPal are not accepted.

It must be a current account, which allows the direct deposit of funds. Also, it has to be in your name. Savings accounts and joint accounts are not accepted.

To get started, you’ll need to have your bank account and routing number. To enter bank details:

  • Log in to fleet.postmates.com and click on “Settings” – “Bank Accounts”

Complete the following information:

  • Account Holder Name
  • route number
  • account number

This information is found on the bottom of checks or can be obtained from your bank.
Then click on “Verify”.

Once you enter the bank information, Postmates will deposit 0.01 cents and withdraw 0.01 cents from the account. In this way, the company verifies that it is a checking account and that it can support the deposits, for which no charge is involved. It is done only to check the validity of the account.

Bank account verification may take 7-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). In case of editing the bank details, the verification process will be restarted. Your earnings will be in your Postmates balance and will be deposited once your account has completed the verification process.

A fee of $0.15 applies to each ACH transaction issued (price for issuing direct deposits).

Step 8: Activate your Postmates prepaid card
With this card, the Postmates delivery person can pay for items requested by users.
After receiving your welcome kit, it’s time to activate your Postmates prepaid card.

Step 9: Download the Fleet app
Once the app is installed you will be ready to start accepting and making deliveries

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