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Best Space Movies Of 21st Century That You Cannot Miss

It is not possible to determine when humankind planned to stretch its roots to outer space. The dream of traveling and exploring space still remains in millions of hearts. Though not everyone can get there, space movies are the best option to explore and know more about the outer world.

Today, the movie industry has developed a lot. There is a vast difference between the space movie 1992, and the space movies of 2022. But the concept and imagination still remain somewhat the same. The cinematography has advanced and various future imaginations are presented. We are here with the list of the latest space movies, which you must watch once in your lifetime.


This movie is recreated by Steven Soderbergh, but the most popular one is by Andrei Tarkovsky. This movie is impressive and involves a sci-fi narrative. Solaris has an awesome beginning and as it moves deep into the story the suspense and literal concept start amazing you, and till the end, it keeps you curious and entertained.


This movie is somewhat similar to Coraline 2. Wall-E is an animated space movie, which depicts the new social evil concept of humankind. It shows how humans live on the planet Earth and goes to another planet. And on the Earth, they leave the trash compactor robots. And the entire story revolves around the robot named Wall-E, who is lonely, and thus starts adventuring and exploring to get out from there. It is a decent movie that is liked by kids and adults.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

It is considered to be one of the best marvel movies that are liked by people of almost every age group. No matter what your age, you will always love watching this movie. It includes comedy, suspense, thrill, and action. This movie is an example of a legendary film produced by Walt Disney Studios.

Guardians of the Galaxy have the best screenplay that revolves around the extraterrestrial criminal wars. There are a total of two parts of this movie now, but soon in 2023, the third part will get released.


The latest and one of the best-scripted movies of 2021. This movie is based on the novel by Frank Herbert in 1965. To date, only the first half of the book is presented in the film, and it is believed that soon the other half of the book will be released.

Dune is produced by legendary pictures, and this movie has won lots of awards. The story in it illustrates the far future imagination of another planet in space. If you are ready to watch this movie, make sure you watch it with full concentration and focus on the plot to understand it better.


This movie is from 2013 and was one of the highest budget films. Gravity has prominent actors such as Ryan Stone, who has indeed made this movie a great success for the filmmakers. The director of this movie won the Oscar award for best direction. If you want this movie, the entire time you will keep your hand on your heart, or even scream sometimes. This is because the movie has various twisting plots that keep the viewer amazed, excited, and hopeful.


Interstellar is another best-directed movie that you can watch. It was released in 2014, and till now it has been the top choice for the viewers. This movie sees the future of humans on Earth as devastating, and therefore, the only option is to leave the planet. In solution to this, several twists are seen in the movie, which includes dense suspense.

Hence, these were the list of best space movies of the 21st century that you can watch anytime. So, enjoy watching these awesome movies.

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