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[Spy Photos] e-Power power expected? Smaller Nissan Kicks caught again in China

The world premiere of the slightly modified Nissan Kicks in Thailand in May 2020 was first caught by I-CAR users in November 2021 as a test vehicle in disguise. The test car is still camouflaged at the front and rear, but the basic shape of the car makes it easy to tell that it is a facelift Nissan Kicks.


The world premiere of the facelifted Nissan Kicks will take place in Thailand in May 2020, and U-CAR users first caught a camouflaged test model in China in November 2021. More recently, I-CAR users caught the slightly modified Kicks again in Chaotun, Nantou. According to a corporate presentation held by Yulon Nissan on May 18, 2022, the revised Nissan Kicks will debut in the third quarter with a new engine, enhanced smart technology, and safety features, thus confirming that the current 1.5-liter powerplant will not be used.


According to the test car captured by U-CAR, there is a camouflaged nameplate under the front door on the side of the car, which, when compared to the exterior of the current Thai Kicks variant, is most likely to be a domestic variant of the Nissan Kicks e-POWER 2022 with the new e-Power petrol-electric power.

Based on the power configuration of the U.S.-spec Kicks and the information available to the U-CAR editorial team, the 1.6-liter naturally-aspirated engine has a high probability of being on the line but based on the test car captured by I-CAR users, there is a disguised nameplate under the front door on the side of the car, which compares favorably with the exterior configuration of the current Thai Kicks. The Nissan e-Power hybrid system is the most likely variant of the Nissan Kicks.

The Nissan e-Power hybrid system uses an electric motor in conjunction with the engine, but what makes it special is that the e-Power engine is primarily responsible for charging and the power output is passed on to the electric motor, unlike the current engine-based, motor-supported fuel-electric system.
For this reason, although the I-CAR editorial team has previously awarded a national premiere award to U-CAR users, the e-Power hybrid is of considerable importance to the Kicks.

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