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Phone insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes. The duration, in particular, can sometimes differ from each other. You can sometimes be a bit cheaper when you take out a long-term telephone insurance policy, but is that really the case?

How long do you last with a phone?

For how long would you like to insure your phone? For half a year? A year or maybe two years? Tricky questions if you just bought a new phone. First, it is useful to ask yourself how long you want to enjoy your phone. If you are really careful with your stuff, you can use a phone for three years. Are you less frugal, do you often drop it, do you find all phone cases ugly, or do you often leave your phone lying around? Then know that your phone will not have eternal life.

Which duration do you choose?

It’s not just about how long you want to enjoy your phone. It is also important to consider what you want to pay for ATT insurance. Insurance is easily arranged, and you may lean towards the cheapest Insurance. However, cheap is sometimes expensive. You are sometimes tied to your phone insurance longer than you actually want. Then you can pay less per month, but if you pay Insurance for a phone that you no longer use, then it is certainly money wasted. Be sensible and first check which insurers we recommend on this website.

In-store or online

Where do you choose your phone insurance with the best term? If you want to be sure of your business, look online. You can then take your time to see what the offer is and what kind of rules you can expect. You can also immediately check the reviews for your future phone to estimate how long you can use the phone. That way, you know exactly what to expect. You also stand a lot more firmly in your shoes in the store. You see through the sales tricks of the seller better, and you know what you do and don’t want. You should also thoroughly study all the conditions because no matter how short or how long you are committed to it, being tied to the wrong term or the wrong Insurance is never fun.


You accidentally threw your phone in the toilet, washed it with the laundry, or just dropped it. Fortunately, you have Insurance, so you can just have your device made. Or not? What about the repair of your device with telephone insurance?

What is covered by the Insurance, and what is not?

If your phone is taken out of your jacket pocket or you leave your phone lying around somewhere, the insurer will not pay for the costs. There are many examples where the insurer does not payout. There must really be visible damage to the phone for the insurer to payout. When you are robbed, real violence has to be used if the insurer is to pay for the costs. In the event of damage, the damage must be caused through no fault of your own and without intent. So you will not be reimbursed for everything. Accidents are reimbursed by most insurers, but it is essential to check the conditions yourself to be sure.

Are you entitled to compensation?

If your damage is covered by the Insurance, it is good to inform the Insurance. Then you will immediately hear what compensation they pay and whether they want to see the phone first. If someone else damages your phone and you don’t get it back from your phone insurance, you can also see if you can get it back from that person’s liability insurance. Then check your travel insurance again. If the damage is covered by the Insurance, it is possible that the device may only be repaired by a repairer chosen by the insurer. Always consult the insurer first before having the mobile phone repaired.

Are repairs expensive?

That often depends on what kind of repair it concerns. There are countless small businesses that deal with cell phone repairs. The software can be adjusted, the glass can be replaced, the on/off button can be replaced, and even the camera can be replaced. Some repairs cost as little as 20 euros; others can go up to several hundred euros. It is good to make your considerations here. Because are you going to pay a few hundred for a two-year-old Samsung phone that costs almost as much? Of course, it also depends on the emotional value of your phone. Do you want to keep your phone, or do you have no money for a new one? Then repair can be a great solution.

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