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Tesla Shanghai recalls over 100,000 domestic Model 3/Y electric cars with safety hazards

IT home May 16, a few days ago, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. according to the “defective automotive products recall management regulations” and “defective automotive products recall management regulations implementation measures” requirements, to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration filed a recall plan. From May 23, 2022, some domestic Model 3  and Model Y electric vehicles with production dates between October 19, 2021 and April 26, 2022 will be recalled, totaling 107,293 units since Harga Mobil Tesla is expensive.

Some of the vehicles included in this recall may not be sufficiently cooled when the central processor of the infotainment system is being prepared for DC fast charging or during DC fast charging, causing the central processor to slow down and the central touchscreen display to become dull, or in severe cases, the central processor may restart and cause the display to fail. In severe cases, the central processor may reboot and the display may not be displayed. When the above malfunction occurs, the reversing camera, windscreen (defrost, defog and wiper) function settings, driving gear display and indicator lights will not work properly, which in extreme cases may increase the risk of a crash and pose a safety hazard.

Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will upgrade the recalled vehicles to 2022.12.3.3 or subsequent versions of the software via OTA technology, free of charge, which will mitigate the rise in central processor temperature when preparing for or during DC fast charging to prevent it from slowing down or restarting. For vehicles that cannot be recalled via the OTA technology, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will contact the relevant users through the Tesla Service Centre to upgrade the software for free to eliminate the safety hazards.

Emergency measures: Before the recall is implemented, users should drive with caution when preparing to fast charge their vehicles. After receiving the recall software update notice, users should upgrade the vehicle software as soon as possible.

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