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The 6 Steps to Optimize the SEO of Your Pages

We saw in a previous article why the SEO Canberra of your website was important. But how to properly optimize the indexing of the pages of your website by search engines?

Here are the 6 simple steps to put in place to optimize the natural referencing of your pages.

Optimize URLs

Your page URLs should be short and contain 1-3 keywords or phrases around which you want to optimize content. optimize your web page URL according to your target keyword for getting ranking. This is the major factor In SEO for tactics.

Be sure to remove special characters from your URLs to make them readable by your readers and by search engines some search engines are fast to read like https://m.ubersear.ch and some are a bit slow such as Yandex.

Fill in the title tag and Meta description

Title and Meta description tags appear in search engine results.

Your title should be catchy to draw the reader to your site. A good title will be no longer than 55 characters and will contain your main keyword.

Your Meta description will be no longer than 155 characters. It will be a summary for the reader of the page.

Take care of your content

Write original and quality content. Your article should contain at least 300 to 400 words. It must not be a copy-paste of an existing article but be an original creation. Certain words may be highlighted between the <strong></strong> tags to signify to your readers and search engine crawlers that this text is more important.

Take care of your header tags

These tags are used for the proper understanding of your content. They should be short and as concise as possible.

Your page must be structured, it must only contain a main title in H1. H2 to H6 subtitles can be repeated several times without problems, however, the weight of the tags are not identical: the H1 tag specifies a very important title and the H6 tag a not very important title.

We do not skip a heading level. We place an H1 then an H2. We do not go directly to an H5 for example.

The layout of the headers must keep the same logic as taking notes. With the H1 tag as the main subject title, the H2 tag being a secondary title linked to the main title. If there must be a subtitle linked to the secondary title, then the H3 tag should be used.

Optimize the images illustrating your articles

Search engine crawlers are unable to see images. They use the name of the images and the Alt tag to reference them, hence the importance of naming them in the most relevant way possible.

The Alt tag is used to indicate alternative text for an image. Fill it out carefully, and remember, the choice of keywords is very important.

Create internal links between your pages

Creating internal links between your pages helps search engine spiders crawl your site and discover its content. The presence of an internal link reinforces the coherence and credibility of your website. It reinforces the impact of the keywords via the quality of the anchors used.

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