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The emerging culture of pursuing an online high school

The pandemic has made everything take a drastic transformation. From shopping to education, the trend of digitalisation has taken over almost everything. The schools were shut down owing to the pandemic, and consequently, the classes had to be conducted online. It was not easy to get accustomed to the online classes because it was never done before the pandemic. Everyone was used to the offline classes, and the sudden transformation was not easy to get used to for the students and the teachers. Especially in the case of older students, teachers are still getting a hold of taking classes in online high schools

There is no doubt that education has suffered a lot because of the disturbance created by the pandemic. It is hard to ensure the same level of sincerity and dedication in online high schools. It is hard to monitor students on the digital platforms, and the home’s cozy environment also distracts students from being attentive. 

With education taking a digital transformation, we can try our best to get used to the changing scenarios. A lot has changed, but many opportunities and advantages are also present in online education. 

Benefits of online high schools 

  1. Time-saving: Online education is time-saving as students don’t have to spend time traveling from one place to another. The time spent in getting ready and traveling gets utilized effectively in the studies.
  1. Comfortable Environment: Some students can concentrate better in online learning because of the comfortable environment they get at home. They get to choose whatever condition they want to attend the classes and focus better.
  1. Less fatigue: Since the students don’t have to travel and attend classes from the comfort of their homes, there are fewer chances of them getting tired. Resultantly, they remain fresh most of the time and can focus better on studies and other activities.
  1. Flexibility: Online high school education offers flexibility. Students can attend online classes from anywhere, which is why more students have started applying for online high schools across the globe. Online classes can be observed from anywhere. Many schools provide recordings of classes that can be watched anytime, anywhere, and any number of times.
  1. Affordable: Since the expenses of infrastructure and traveling get eliminated, online education becomes more affordable and reasonable.
  1. . Time management: With the help of online classes, students learn the art of time management. With a lot of time available at their disposal, they know how to use it productively.
  1. Self-discipline: Online high school education also makes children self-disciplined. Children learn discipline with the presence of teachers around them. But, online classes teach them to be disciplined when no one’s looking around and no one is there to ask them to focus.
  1. More individual attention: Children are likely to receive more personal attention in online classes. They are more confident and comfortable asking questions in online classes because some students do not feel comfortable asking questions in front of everyone. It is an excellent shift in children with specific disabilities or slow learning abilities as now they get more time to adapt and perform better. 

Many schools worldwide have quickly adapted to this new education system, which is helping the children a lot. To cite an example, many Tokyo International Progressive Schools are taking their classes online to help them take care of the special needs of children. 

International progressive schools in Tokyo and their role in normalizing digital schools 

Many International progressive schools in Tokyo are going digital as they do not want to compromise on schooling and child’s education. They have taken the initiative to carry on with the admission process online and educate children about digitalisation and its threats.

Like last year, The Tokyo International Progressive School branch of GIIS organized a workshop on cyber security while attending online schools. All the students and their parents could participate and understand more about the challenges of online classes and how to cope with them. Students attending online high schools’ benefit from such informative sessions as their knowledge about different subjects expands.

Fee structure of online high schools

 While functioning online, the fee structure gets reasonable as the additional costs get eliminated. The school fees, however, vary depending on the education level. Moreover, Japan is known for affordable higher education, and the fee that it charges is usually much lower than the international fees charged in other countries. For example, the application fee for various International progressive schools in Tokyo starts from 30000 Yen, and the tuition fee is 520867 Yen (per term).


Online classes offer a lot of convenience and advantages. Over time, more enhancements and developments will take place, elevating education.

 That is how the trend of online high school and education has started across the globe. We wanted to share how the idea of shifting education online is working out, what the benefits are, etc. Now, you can apply to a foreign school and see if you can get admission to an online high school. 



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