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The Importance Of Art Play Therapy In Abu Dhabi

Art Play Therapy in Abu Dhabi is a type of psychotherapy method that allows children aged between 2 to 12 to utilize play to explore their ideas & feelings and be free to express repressed thoughts and emotions. Art play therapy is vital in the treatment of traumatized children. It aids in their diagnosis, processes their feelings, and helps them recover.

Art Play Therapy Abu Dhabi, combined with other therapeutic approaches, can be used as a primary intervention and has also been used to treat various behavioral, emotional, & social disorders. It can be used as part of family therapy as it helps improve communication between the child & the parent. We at SNO Wellness center continually work towards providing your child with the treatment they may require, hoping it will be a safe space for them. Our clinicians’ primary focus is working with your child to enhance the state of their well-being.

During our journey to bring the first Art Play Therapy service to Abu Dhabi, we at SNO Wellness center introduced people to expressive art therapies as a non-verbal, creative treatment approach. This approach is helpful for children & adults who struggle to talk about how they feel. It can help individuals deal with complicated feelings through the creative art process.

According to SNO Wellness, people are interested in learning about art therapy, which is a new therapeutic option in Abu Dhabi. With a focus on innovative ways for people to express and process their emotions. People who wish to learn about art therapy, what an art therapist performs, and how they might integrate creative approaches into their work have requested training and workshops.

Benefits of Expressive Art Therapy for Children

The art is compelling. The skills allow people to express themselves and their thoughts without putting them into words, whether they are acting in a play, singing a song, dancing, drawing a picture, or writing a poem. This is one of the various reasons expressive arts therapy has grown popular, especially among children with special needs.

What is Expressive Art Therapy?

Any combination of dancing, writing, visual arts, drama, music, or other creative outlets is referred to as expressive arts. These methods are used in expressive arts therapy to support individual development and progress. The appropriate combination can boost general happiness, reduce anxiety and tension, boost self-awareness and self-esteem, build relationships, control habits, and progress social skills. This kind of therapy has also been shown to help children and adults deal with negative situations, disabilities, and trauma. Art therapy allows individuals to release and express feelings they may not know how to let go of otherwise through rehabilitation, education, and communication.

Furthermore, the expressive arts positively impact function, mood, cognition, and behavior. This is incredibly genuine for small children who have unique needs, such as autism, speech impairments, PTSD, developmental disabilities, ADD/ADHD, or other mental & behavioral health issues. Art provides a safe space for young children to express themselves without fear of being judged and showcases their unique personalities and skills.

Expressive Art’s Developmental Benefits

Children of all ages, both with & without special needs, have a voice even if they lack the verbal skills to express themselves. Expressive art helps a youngster understand who he is and how to use his senses by reawakening his curiosity and creativity. They also give the body a sensation of serenity and have a favorable impact on the mind, perception of the environment, and emotional state. Putting their sentiments into a poem, song, or painting provides a safe outlet for negative emotions while also assisting in the healing and growing process. Expressive art, on the other hand, isn’t merely for coping. They have a massive impact on a child’s average growth as well.

Thus, if you want your child to go to therapy or counseling, you can go for art play therapy in Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for an experienced Anxiety Psychiatrist Abu Dhabi, visit our wellness center.

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