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The NetaS was officially launched on July 31

The Neta S was officially launched on July 31, with eight new models and an official guide price of RMB 19.98-33.88 million (this price is enforced until December 31, 2022). The new vehicle is built on the full-stack self-developed ‘Shanhai Platform’ and offers two power modes: extended-range/electric. It is worth mentioning that the ‘Scissor Door’ NetaS Flare Edition is limited to 999 units. Deliveries of the new car are said to commence in the fourth quarter of 2022. In addition, the 520km entry standard version is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2023, officials said.
In addition, in terms of on-sale benefits, orders placed by 31 December 2022 (inclusive) will be eligible for up to RMB 8,000 finance discount, 2 years of free charging (1,000 degrees/year, for pure electric models only), free lifetime tri-electric warranty and free lifetime roadside assistance. In addition, you can enjoy free maintenance service, maintenance pick-up and delivery service, free airport valeting service and more when you pay the $66 Heartbeat Deposit by 20:00 on 31 July 2022 and the $2,000 deposit by 30 September 2022 (inclusive).
The Neta S uses a newly designed front look with a fully enclosed centre grille and through-lighting LED headlamps, giving it a very futuristic and technological feel. The headlights are extended towards the body, giving the front end an overall more streamlined look. In addition, the Flare Edition is equipped with scissor doors, green brake callipers, a carbon fibre rear wing and exclusive badging.
The side sliders are also as a coupĂ© should be, with the entire car’s centre of gravity more rearward. Hidden door handles and newly shaped wheels allow the NetaS to have less wind resistance, thus increasing its range. In terms of dimensions, the new car measures 4980/1980/1450mm in length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2980mm.
The rear of the car is also styled in one piece, with no unnecessary embellishments or decorations, showing off the new car’s distinctiveness in the simplest way possible. The through-tail lamps are small but highly layered, and the horizontal and vertical style enhances the overall aura of the NetaS.
The Neta S comes with a 17.6-inch centre screen, in addition to a 12.3-inch passenger entertainment screen, AR-HUD and full LCD instrumentation for a total of four smart screens. Among them, AR-HUD provides instrument information display, AR navigation, safety-assisted driving and audio-visual entertainment.
In addition, Neta S comes with NETA Pilot 3.0 Intelligent Assisted Driving System as standard across the range as well as Hozon Neta V, and the latest NETA Pilot 4.0 Intelligent Assisted Driving System is available as an option, which enables the use of high-speed and urban scenarios, and has 2 LIDARs with 200 TOPS of computing power.
The new vehicle is equipped with the MDC610 computing platform with two 8-megapixel forward-facing HD cameras, one rear-facing, four surround-view and four perimeter-view cameras, five-millimetre wave radars and is equipped with a high-precision positioning unit. In addition, High-Speed Pilot Assisted Driving will be pushed out in the first half of 2023 and NETA Pilot 4.0 exclusive City Pilot Assisted Driving will be pushed out in the first half of 2024.
Neta S is equipped with the self-developed HOZON EPT4.0 battery thermostat management system, which recognises destinations and heats the battery in advance once it detects that the user has gone to charge, enabling the car to be charged 20% faster in winter. In addition, the new vehicle is equipped with a nine-way valve that enables the use of multiple heat sources. The car’s compressor can be a wide temperature heat pump, which can be activated at -18 degrees outside, giving it a 20% increase in the winter range.
In terms of power, the new four-wheel drive version of the pure electric model has a maximum power of 340kW, a maximum torque of 620N-m, a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.9s, a 0-100km/h braking distance of 33.5m and a wind resistance coefficient of 0.216; the rear-wheel drive pure electric version and the extended range version have a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.9s. Neta S is available in extended-range and electric versions, with a range of 715km (under CLTC conditions) for the rear-wheel drive version, 650km (under CLTC conditions) for the four-wheel drive version and 310km (under CLTC conditions) for the extended-range version, giving a total range of 1160km (under CLTC conditions). 1160km (under CLTC conditions).

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