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The new Honda CR-V will be available in China in September with 1.5T and seven seats

With a new interior design, larger size and new 2.0 e:HEV powertrain, many consumers are looking forward to the evolution of the CR-V’s competitiveness. But even before Honda has announced the official price of the new car in North America, AutoNavi has revealed that the new CR-V will be launched in China in late September. Harga Mobil Honda Terbaru still unknown.

The CR-V is being manufactured by Dongfeng Honda, and some of the specifications for the new car were actually published in the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology database back in May. From what we know so far, the CR-V looks the same as the US model in terms of outward appearance, but the information reported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the body size of the CR-V is 4,703 x 1,866 x 1,680mm, which is slightly longer and wider than the 4,694 x 1,864 x 1,681mm of the US model, presumably due to a slight difference in bumper shape or different inspection methods. It is assumed that the difference is due to a slight difference in bumper shape or different inspection methods.

As for the interior, the centre console of the new CR-V is designed in a way that is completely close to that of the 11th generation Civic, with a sporty honeycomb panel running horizontally across the entire vehicle. However, it is not certain whether the Chinese model will be equipped with a larger screen to meet the needs of local consumers; in addition, according to AutoNavi, the Chinese CR-V will have a three-row, seven-passenger configuration not found in the US model, offering more options.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the CR-V will be powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged engine as the first wave of the current model, with 193 hp and 24.8 kgm of torque. The 2.0-litre e:HEV will be available later, with a combined output of 204 hp/34.1 kgm of torque, and even better fuel consumption than the petrol version.

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