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What Should Parents Look For When Considering Abu Dhabi School for Their kids?

With far too many schools that offer outstanding education, excellent facilities, and a diverse curriculum, it might be tricky to know where to begin your search for such a school that is best for your kid. However, just a little information and planning does not have to be a traumatic situation to find a perfect Abu Dhabi school

Top things to consider while looking for a primary school in Abu Dhabi  

1) Rankings

Knowing what grade a school received during inspections by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) or The Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) could be the first approach in locating a suitable school even without leaving the house.

2) Location

The location of an institution, the transport available, and the distance their kid will have to commute regularly are essential factors for most parents, with many families preferring to choose a school close to home.

3) Facilities

Although there is no shortage of good school buildings in Abu Dhabi, you should consider what the school provides based on your child’s interests. Another significant aspect affecting many parents’ decisions is the school’s range of amenities. For instance, the facilities must be contemporary and large enough to support school tournaments and other contests. In addition, the facilities must be well-maintained, and well-educated staff must teach the numerous sports and extra-curricular activities.

4) Standards of instruction

When evaluating a school, the teaching quality must be prioritized. Abu Dhabi has a broad and mature educational environment, with schools responding to a wide range of objectives. Because Abu Dhabi’s structure for monitoring teaching standards is solid, families should place as much emphasis on the human touch – good home-school relationships support high-quality learning.

5) Academic counsel

In addition to the requirement for a decent education, obtaining an education advisor is yet another box to check. Parents should investigate if a school employs an academic adviser or school counsellor whose primary role is to advise children on course choices and beyond. Inquire about the number of students for whom the academic adviser is accountable and the extent to which the academic adviser would assist students in creating their academic and nonacademic profiles.

6) Child growth and development

There are other aspects to consider, regardless of how great the campus is or how competent its professors are. Providing chances for children outside of the educational course is also an essential concern for parents. A school that stimulates critical thinking and teamwork and offers student leadership possibilities and chances to extend learning outside the traditional classroom will best prepare students for success in the twenty-first century.

7) Fees for school

While choosing the finest primary school in Abu Dhabi with the highest academic outcomes is vital, parents must be fully informed of the expenses involved and select a school with a realistic payment plan for them.

8) School visits

Before making any judgments, it is critical to visit and tour all the colleges on your evaluation list. Even a brief visit during school hours might help you and your ward recognize school’s strengths and weaknesses.

Throughout these tours, you can evaluate if the school is secure and protected, as well as assess the cumulative positivity of both students and faculty. You can also observe the facilities provided, meet with teaching staff, see other students in their immediate surroundings, and observe how they communicate with their schoolmates.


In recent times, the UAE government has started to focus on assisting pupils with specific educational needs. As an outcome, more school systems are now prepared to help such pupils. However, the ultimate objective is integration so that students with special needs can grow alongside their peers.

Some foreign schools have great special requirements educational programs, while others may not provide any help at all. Parents should conduct extensive research before selecting an Abu Dhabi school for their special-needs kids

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