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Top 5 advice to the Students of IB School in Tokyo

If you are an IB student and about to embark on your new learning journey then you need to check this advice that will surely help you to make the most of your 2year.


  • Safety Topic

Exploring different topics will help you to broaden your perspective and know your potential but it is always recommended to have a safe topic for your internal assessments (IAs) and extended essay (EE).


Thinking of unique good IA and EE topics is difficult and experimenting with them can be time-consuming. Do consider factors such as the availability of resources, enough material, the feasibility of methodologies, etc.


Experimenting with all these will take up more time to validate and forget not that you have to do it with the number of subjects that you have selected. Plus there are other activities and core subjects research and essays writings which can be overwhelming at times


So it is always better to have a safe topic in IB School in Tokyo and focus on presenting it in a unique way because the biggest relief is, that you do not have the doubt whether it will be successful or not. Being the safe topic means you already know it is successful and the end result would be good. 


Note:- Do, validate the methodology with teachers as it will determine if your research work and results would be fruitful or not. Save time, effort, and productivity. Have a back plan in order to avoid stress later if the methodology didn’t work.


  • Participate in CAS activities

Even though it is compulsory but does not have points, students are recommended to take it as seriously as other core subjects. Consider International School in Japan

as a learning experience and being once in a lifetime opportunity, you should not miss it by any chance.


In CAS, you will have to participate in various experiences with a reasonable balance between creativity (experiences that involve creative thinking), activity(physical activities to achieve a healthy lifestyle), and providing service to the community.


You will develop a great bond with your fellow mates during various activities, you will learn to do teamwork and celebrate small victories.


  • Organize your notes and know your learning strategy

Having good organizational skills is necessary to save a lot of headaches later. Not only it will save your time but it will also help you in revision daily, especially during exams.


Knowing your learning strategy will be great as it will help you to remember the concepts for a long and it will help you to cover all the topics or subjects in less time.


For eg:- Check if you learn well through books? Or by watching YouTube videos?


The best learning strategies would be a mix of books, videos, and solving question banks. Check what suits you, implement and continue doing the same.



Students are advised to study the basics of speaking the French language first before preparing for literature exams as it will help them in writing. Learn as much vocabulary as possible. The best app to learn ab initio languages is Duolingo, do use it for easy understanding. 


  1. Know your priorities

Knowing your goal and setting your priorities from the beginning itself will help you to avoid distractions and stay motivated in the process. Whatever is your goal for IB School in Tokyo, make sure to do the priorities task first and then enjoy your saved time in the rest of the things. Utilize the time in IB as you have to cover a lot in a short time, setting your priorities will be a game-changer for you in the long run and will keep you on track.


  1. Do not stress

Stressing too much will make you unproductive and you will lose confidence. Remember that not all days are the same, you just have to know your goals, know your priorities and keep following. Make sure to pick yourself up on the days when you feel too overwhelmed and take a rest, relax and enjoy the things you like but make sure to come back as a confident learner. Do not compare, keep improving yourself each day. Focus on good habits and results would definitely be great. 


What you will gain as an IB student from International School in Japan?


Motivated learner

You will become a Motivated Individual ready to try new things. IB Diploma put students into practicing various activities from experiential learning to doing research projects, volunteering, etc. IB is not limited to bookish knowledge but instead the knowledge of real-life and the world around. 


Culturally aware

IB curriculum makes culturally aware global citizens through discussion of international affairs and world issues. Students and teachers utilize the classrooms and share their opinions, listen and take others into account.



With so much research work, presentations, projects, and extracurricular activities.

IB students learn to voice their opinions, communicate effectively, and present their idea in front of others thus developing a sense of confidence in themselves.



IB program makes students independent learners and thinkers as they learn to manage their time, organize, prepare notes, set priorities, complete their tasks, conduct research work, present, participate in various activities, and more. All these qualities and skills are needed to be successful in future



Ib’s core subjects like the Extended Essay require students to take on a project entirely on their own; choose a topic, research and find resources and learn in the process. Students learn to be adaptable and rise to any challenge.



CAS module in IB makes students work for their community, encourages them to be creative, and come up with solutions to solve issues. The students learn to become responsible and think of helping others.



IB School in Tokyo is a crucial year and a big turning point in your life so do not commit silly mistakes or take it casually. Instead, give your best and utilize all your potential into maximising the results. Hope the advice given above guides IB students on their learning journeys. Use this IB year as an opportunity to gain learning experience and make the most of it.

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