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Top 7 features of Applicant tracking system in united states

When it comes to recruiting individuals through numerous sources, a recruitment software or applicant tracking system (ATS) may be quite useful. It’s a terrific tool for directing all incoming applications so you can manage the complete employment process from one place.

It helps you to track and manage prospects while also ensuring numerous methods to onboard them through its features– all while utilising a single piece of software. Isn’t it cool? Even majority of experts stated that this had a favourable influence on their company.

  1. Several high-end job boards

A recruitment ATS, as previously said, helps you to find various prospects with only a few clicks by publishing job adverts across several sites. It all comes down to where you can put them.

We use recruiting online applicant tracking system since it allows recruiters to publish to thousands of free and paid channels (e.g. Indeed, Monster, Linkedin, Facebook, Google for Jobs, etc.). Not only will you be able to reach out to more top talent, but you will also be able to fill vacancies more quickly.

  1. Recommendations from Candidates

AI-powered solutions are all the rage these days, and a comprehensive recruitment software is no exception. There are a few AI-driven recruiting software options available.

It offers sophisticated features that allow you to screen prospects more quickly by automatically proposing people who are a good fit for the job. This is accomplished through applicant scoring, in which AI creates scores based on job matching in terms of experience, skill sets, educational background, and other factors.

  1. Integration with APIs

This handy tool makes integrating your existing human resource software solutions into the programme a breeze. It allows you the freedom to employ valuable tools without having to start from scratch.

  1. Tools for Data Compliance

This is quite important. This feature is one of our favourites since it shields recruiters from any legal complications that may occur.

As a TA expert, you must always secure your company’s and applicants’ data in order to execute your work well. Data privacy should not be jeopardised, and data compliance technologies can help with that.

  1. CRM Functionality for Dual Recruitment

Great applicant tracking systems don’t have any limitations in terms of what they can do. A superb one has two functions, which boosts productivity in a variety of ways.

There is some recruiting software on the market that also has a recruitment CRM feature. It provides recruiters with the convenience they require to better serve both prospects and clients. They may handle both the applicant and customer sides of the company from one simple platform. As a result, the company’s overall success!

  1. Builder of a Career Page

Career pages, in case you didn’t know, assist businesses in a variety of ways. For starters, it boosts the website’s organic traffic. Second, it enhances employer branding, persuading interested candidates to click the “Apply Now” button.

A good applicant tracking system (ATS) should have a career page builder. This is a wonderful technique to attract more candidates, aside from job sites and social media.

  1. Accessibility on mobile devices

Last but not least, we value ATS that can be accessed from a mobile device. People nowadays are always on the move. It also contributes to the fact that the majority of individuals choose remote options.

With this in mind, your applicant tracking system (ATS) must be mobile-friendly. Recruiters may now work at any time and from any location, regardless of their physical location.


There is a lot of recruitment software available, but not all of it is created equal. That is why it is critical to consider their USPs (unique selling propositions). You must select the best online applicant tracking system that will allow your hiring staff to work successfully and efficiently.

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