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Top Aluminium Doors Design & Price in India

Aluminium doors are now becoming a trend in the housing industry. As more people enjoy its beautiful aesthetics and functional features, many fenestration service providers are encouraging various aluminium door designs as a cost-effective solution. 

Although the designs are standard the features vary from each aluminium door manufacturer, which affects the quality and ultimately the cost-effectiveness. 

For example, TOSTEM uses Japanese technology to manufacture aluminium doors at its production unit in Thailand and supplies the product in India with a perfect finish and delivers them in a box. This makes it easier to install and is an ideal deal for constructors building huge commercial spaces or townships. 

Before we delve into the features that affect the price of aluminium doors, let’s have a quick look into the top aluminium door designs available in the Indian fenestration market. 

Top Aluminium Door Designs

1. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors glide over a track from left to right or vice versa. These come in 2 or more panel designs. Usually, these doors have two tracks. Some designs have more than two tracks as well. It depends on the door application. These doors are an ideal choice for the patio or entrance of your bedroom. 

2. Casement Doors

Casement doors have hinges on the sides, and you can push them open inwards or outwards. These look basic but are extremely easy to use. You can use these doors as an entrance door as these doors are impeccably secure. 

3. French Doors

French doors come in pairs and have glass panels that cover the length of the wall. Aluminium French doors add extra beauty to your home. 

4. Folding (Bi-Fold) Doors

Bi-fold or folding doors are similar to sliding doors, with the difference that you can fold these doors and stack them to the side. These doors are space-saving and an ideal fit for modern homes. 

5. Corner Openable Door

A corner openable door is a popular door design as it lets you open an entire corner of the room. The design of these doors brings out the beauty of homes and commercial spaces. 

6. Slide and Fold Doors

Slide and fold doors are a combination of two designs- sliding and folding doors. It offers the convenience of folding doors and the usefulness of sliding doors. 

7. Lift and Slide Doors

A lift and slide doors have panels that allow you to lift the door off the track and glide to open or close the door. These doors are an ideal upgrade from the traditional sliding doors. 

Aluminium Door Design – Price

There are a lot of factors that decide the price and cost of aluminium door designs- the crucial factor being the quality of products and the services. 

For example, when you order an aluminium door design from a local fenestration provider, the installation process takes time as they assemble everything on the site. 

If you choose a premium fenestration company like TOSTEM provides the latest designs and comes in a pre-engineered box, making the installation process simple and error-free. 

However, the price and quality of aluminium doors will vary in both cases. 

Another crucial factor that decides the quality and price is the coating and finish of aluminium doors. For example, there will be a difference in price between powder-coated aluminium doors and anodized aluminium doors. 

When it comes to pricing, what matters is cost-effectiveness. It means the value you invest in an aluminium door must be worth every penny. 

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