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Toyota Voxy/Noah unveiled: TNGA, more advanced safety features on board!

The Toyota Voxy/Noah has finally been launched in Japan. The new vehicle is built with the new TNGA GA-C and comes in two versions: Family and Sport. A new Japanese MPV! The new Toyota Voxy 2022 and Noah are both essentially the same, but one is family-oriented and the other is sporty (just like the Alphard and Vellfire). The Noah has a more sophisticated look, with LED headlamps and an oversized tank guard, but the matte silver trim gives the car a non-obtrusive, elegant look. The Voxy, on the other hand, has a strong Vellfire feel to it, starting with the separate headlamp clusters at the front, the glossy black piano, and the mesh grille, which looks very special.

At the rear, the Noah has a conventional design with 3D LED stripes, while the Voxy test has blacked-out tail lights to emphasise its sporty feel! Which design style do you prefer?

Both models are built on the TNGA GA-C platform and they are the first GA-C MPVs with a body size of 4,695 mm X 1,730 mm X 1,895 mm and a wheelbase of 2,850 mm. In addition, the ground clearance has been lowered so that passengers can get in and out of the car more easily.

The main highlights are the large screen, more storage space and better ergonomics. For better practicality the new car is also designed with double electric sliding doors, not only for easy opening in tight spaces, but also for a larger opening area, making it easier for passengers to enter. As for the seating layout, there is a choice of 6 (Noah Exclusive/Welfare Vehicle), 7 and 8 seats.

In addition to the usual lane shift warning, lane shift correction, automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning, the new model also features the first ever Toyota Proactive Driving Assist, which not only automatically slows down when it detects pedestrians and vehicles, but also automatically slows down when it detects them. This assistance will not only slow down automatically when it detects pedestrians and vehicles, but will also have an automatic steering function to help you avoid a collision.

Toyota Teammate will also offer two functions, Advance Drive, which helps drivers to drive automatically in certain conditions between 0-40 mph, and Advance Park, which enables remote parking (mobile phone control).

The engines are available in two configurations: the 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine with 170 PS and 202 Nm of peak torque, and the Direct-Shift CVT, and the hybrid version with the familiar 2ZR-FXE + electric motor, which is the same as the Corolla The hybrid version is the familiar 2ZR-FXE + electric motor set-up, which is the same as the Corolla Hybrid, with a maximum horsepower of 122 PS, and because of the specific needs of the Japanese market, an E-Four four-wheel drive system is also available!

The two new models are currently on sale in Japan, but it is also worth mentioning that the previous generation was actually introduced to the Indonesian market, and with TNGA production now well established in South East Asia, it is believed that there is a high probability of these two cars entering the South East Asian market in the future.

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