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Unconventional Uses of Toll Free Numbers For Businesses

Toll-free service providers in India are offering the solution at cost-efficient prices. The software has become quite popular among businesses because of its several benefits. It helps provide better CX by offering zero call costs to the customers. It also allows the companies to enable their customers to contact them effortlessly with the easy-to-recall toll-free number. In India, the toll-free number is available in the 1800 series and is typically available in formats such as 1800-ABC-DEFG. So, it helps to build brand recall value. But there are other uses the business benefits from and ensures optimum utilization of the solution provided by the best toll-free number service provider in India. Let’s unravel the unconventional uses of the toll-free number.

Create a Professional Business Image: Yes, that’s true!. Often people consider companies with a toll-free number as highly professional and well-established. Companies, especially start-ups and small businesses working hard to attract more and more customers, try to create a professional image with the solution. Moreover, by integrating the IVR, the software greets the customers with an automated voice and offers a series of menus and submenus that will address their queries. It is a well-organized communication system available to the customers. So, it creates a highly professional image of the company.

Provide Increased Availability: Although the toll-free number is used to provide free calling service to the customers, companies use the solution to provide 24×7 availability to their clients. The software helps in establishing omnipresence. The software allows call forwarding to the agents’ mobile numbers and landlines. So when customers call the business, they can connect to it, regardless of business hours. Customers highly appreciate the round-the-clock availability of the business as they can talk to the company’s representative and resolve their problems instantly. 

Collect Customer Feedback: The solution’ capabilities offered by toll-free number service providers in India are not limited to providing free call service to customers but also help them know their opinion by smartly using the IVR integration. Companies integrate the IVR technology into the toll-free contact number provided by the toll-free number service provider in India and conduct polls and surveys. The customers have to press the corresponding keys on their mobile phone dial pad, and the customer receives instant feedback from their customers. Customer feedback is valuable for businesses as it helps them be on the right track -deliver better CX and continuously meet customer expectations. It goes a long way in maximizing profitability. 

Devise Better Marketing Strategies: The solution is designed for free and better communication with the clients. However, the solution allows for tracking marketing campaigns as well. With IVR, they can know customers’ opinions and streamline their marketing activities to ensure their success. It helps businesses provide better CX, make better marketing decisions and increase


Multi-Lingual Support: Companies can deliver better CX by offering customer support in the local and regional languages. Customers are greeted with custom messages in the IVR when they call the toll-free number. The automated voice communicates in the regional language, which offers an enhanced caller experience.


The toll-free number is a highly beneficial solution that offers several benefits to companies. Apart from using the software to enable free call service to the clients, companies are using the solution for several unconventional uses. They can establish omnipresence and use it for unconventional uses that lead to more profits. If you are looking for the best toll-free service providers in India, then you can rely on Knowlarity.

Knowlarity is one of the best toll-free number service providers in India that offers the solution at competitive prices. It has served more than 6000 organizations in 65+ countries. You can contact this toll-free number service provider in India and get a free trial. Book a free demo to know the software better. The solution offers an intelligent engagement platform that enables callers to get a quick resolution to their queries. For more details on the product and its varied features and uses, please visit Buy Toll Free Numbers (1800) – Get a Business Toll Free Number in India (knowlarity.com).  Connect with Knowlarity -the most reliable cloud telephony company in India, and know how you can use the solution differently and maximize growth.

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