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VSCO: professional photo editing app

VSCO is one of the most prominent photo editing apps you can find on Google Play for Android, although it is also available for other platforms such as iOS / iPadOS for Apple devices. This app was developed by Visual Supply Company, a company founded in 2011 by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze and based in California. However, the app’s popularity didn’t skyrocket until years later in 2019 when the TikTok platform launched it to the top (see VSCO Girl and VSCO Boy). For this reason, in this article you will understand a little more about this app and the other alternatives you have available.

What is the VSCO app

VSCO application is one of the best when it comes to creativity and photo and video editing as well as having a large community. You can edit various image and video formats with its powerful editor, as well as using a multitude of filters. What makes it more professional is its ability to edit raw photos (RAW), in order not to lose details, as well as many other functions for granularity, fade, textures, saturation, contrast, effects of all kinds, use of frames, trimming, rotate, etc.

It has very interesting presets for editors, such as for recreating analog films, or old Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, FilmX, Polaroid cameras, etc., as well as advanced editing tools such as HSL, Split Toning, video editing, collage, etc. Without doubt one of the most complete and professional applications if you like creativity and work with audiovisual formats.

And not only that, VSCO also has a large creative community where you can share and get new ideas that inspire you or where to get help if you need it. On the other hand, it has its own camera, so you won’t have to use the one included with the Android system itself. While it can’t be compared to a professional camera, the truth is that it offers more than remarkable results, better than other apps. Along with the usual camera functions, you will also find others such as quick shooting, autofocus, a multitude of filters and everything you need to enjoy photography and videos to post on social networks like Instagram or TikTok.

What can the VSCO application do?

VSCO is not an app designed to find your friends.That ‘s what Facebook or Instagram is for. However, this lack makes up for it with great versatility when creating and researching new original content. If you want to know the main functions that VSCO offers us, I invite you to read on.


The News section, which we access by clicking on represented by a house in the internal bar of the application, is similar to that of other applications for sharing photos. Users can scroll to view other people’s posts as they follow, mark them as favorites, and post them on their own profiles.

By clicking on each publication, at the bottom of the image the details of the image are displayed together with the filter that has been used . In addition, you will also find other publications that have used the same filter or preset and others that have similar compositions.

To discover

The Discover section, represented by a magnifying glass on the bottom bar of the application is where, we could say, the real magic happens. In this section we can find curated collections Organized by content such as portraits, nature scenes or by season, they are used to show user creation and drive interaction on the platform.

This content is created by the platform without using any kind of algorithm , so we will always find quality content and not advice from an algorithm which, in most cases, never does well.

If you’re the type of person who regularly uses Pinterest and spends hours looking through boards of all kinds of images, this feature is great for finding new content, inspiration for new projects, answering your questions …


The Studies Section, represented by the + sign in the lower bar of the question, is our work center where we find the modified and unmodified contents imported into the application or taken with the VSCO camera.

This section works independently of the user’s profile , so absolutely no person can access that content until we publish it if we finally do.

Didn’t like that filter or a setting? Go to sleep and look at it again in the morning with different eyes. If you still don’t like it, delete it and start over.


VSCO’s wide range of unique filters is undoubtedly the greatest appeal of the application . It offers us more than 200 presets and it is really very difficult not to find the filter we are looking for to customize the image we want to publish.

Not sure which filter to use? VSCO’s “For This Photo” option will choose a filter for you based on the details in your image. Additionally, VSCO helps users by categorizing filters into numerous categories.

Is your picture a “Portrait” of a friend? VSCO will show you what they think are the best options . Was your photo taken in “Nature” or in an “Urban” environment? You are just one click away from significantly improving your image.

In addition to filters, VSCO Etudio allows users to incorporate all kinds of effects such as borders, text or bullets . You can also manually adjust the size, exposure, contrast, sharpness and clarity of your image. VSCO is arguably one of the most powerful photo editing applications available for mobile phones today.

Capture new images

The application camera, located in the Studio section, in the upper right part represented by a camera, allows users to take photos and videos without importing them into the app . The application allows us to use various filters in real time that we can modify according to our needs to see the final result.

It also allows us to create looped videos, via the DSCO function and capture two images to overexpose , a function that offers very surprising results and which we will not be able to create via any other application.

It should be noted that most applications of this type usually only allow this type of adjustments retroactively , i.e. once the photograph is taken, but not in real time as if the VSCO application offered it to us.


This is where you can post your photos and videos, as well as repost other people’s photos in your feed. You can use your profile as an idea board , to document travel or to showcase your project portfolio. Whatever you do in VSCO, you can show it here.

Profiles are public by default and you can’t see who your followers are, a problem for the ego of Instagram users. It is also a feature that VSCO has decided not to adopt in order to focus on the creative side of the application.

vsco price

VSCO Cam can be downloaded from Google Play. The download itself is completely free, as are some of its filters and options. However, if you want to unleash the full potential of VSCO, you will have to pay for a subscription which costs € 20.99 / year . By paying this fee you will have at your disposal everything that is included in the Premium edition, such as:

  • Library with more than 100 presets.
  • More tools than the free version.
  • Educational content to improve your skills.
  • Receive invitations to community events.
  • Monthly updates.

Also, if you want to experience the full potential of VSCO, you can get it for free during a 7 day trial period . After that, you will be charged the subscription price every year if you don’t cancel earlier. If you want to avoid being charged, you just need to go to Google Play> Menu> Accounts> Subscriptions and there will be VSCO in the list. You can cancel it at any time so that you are not charged. If you have already paid a fee, you can continue to have Premium benefits for up to one year, upon expiration, even if you have canceled it. And if you do it before the 7-day trial period, you won’t be charged anything.

Alternative a VSCO Cam

You can also find VSCO Cam alternatives that are very interesting, some totally free, and that don’t have much to envy. The most voted by users are:

Photo Editor – InShot

One of the best image editors you have on Android is Insho t. The work of this app is impressive, which makes it a great VSCO photo editing alternative for social networks or whatever you need. This suite also has a lot of tools, like an editor with crop, resize, flip, rotate, draw, emoji, collage, filters, frames, effects, image parameter corrector, etc. All with very professional results in its free edition. And if you want more, there’s also a paid Pro edition with which you’ll have more resources and tools at your fingertips.

Editor video – InShot

InShot also created a different application for video editing in this case, that is, instead of merging videos and images like VSCO, InShot is separated into two different apps. Along with this video editor you will also get a full professional suite with pretty spectacular results, to add drawings, GIFs, create and edit videos, edit transitions, add effects, filters, background sounds and music and more. All for free, even if it has a paid Pro version. So, save the video and share it on Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or wherever you want.

PicsArt Editor

PicsArt is another of the best VSCO alternative applications that you can find on Google Play and that can be used to edit both photos and videos . Therefore, it is more like VSCO than the previous two in this respect. Plus, it has a huge community of 150 million users around the world, it has to be for a reason. This app is able to edit designs and personalize them with collages, cutouts, text, stickers, backgrounds, filters, drawing, inserting images, etc. Everything you need to create the projects you need to share or keep for yourself.

Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe Photoshop is also available for Android. It is one of the best known apps in terms of photo editing and very professional. With the Express edition you can edit photos quickly and easily, with professional results and packed with features to correct, crop, color, create collages, remove noise, blur, add text and borders, with filters and effects and even import and export photo quality to Adobe Creative Cloud and other clouds or share them on social networks. All with a very professional but simple result, with its graphic interface specially designed for mobile devices with touch screens.


Finally, Google also has its own app which is used to edit images. That’s it and it can also be a good VSCO alternative. It is a professional editor named Snapseed and it shares many features with previous retouching programs. With it you will have a multitude of tools to apply cuts, twists, filters, include text, corrections, insert images, simple edits with a swipe of the finger and much more.

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