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What are the Advantages of a Montessori Abu Dhabi School for Your Child

Dr Maria Montessori was the one who founded the Montessori Method in the early 1900s. It is a distinct child-centered educational style that emphasizes child-led activities (referred to as “work”), mixed-age classes, and instructors that promote independence in their students.

Dr Montessori felt that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to choose what to study, and this principle continues to be a part of Montessori classrooms today.

A Montessori classroom at an Abu Dhabi school is likely to seem very different from what you are used to.

While each student is unique, there are several reasons why a Montessori education might benefit your young kid. Consider a couple of these advantages.

1 – Increases Children’s Preparedness

Many parents are apprehensive about enrolling their kids in a Montessori school because they believe it would be too unstructured and unforgiving. Others raise concerns about the absence of homework and the fact that teaching goals are not always centered on a particular academic program.

Despite these drawbacks, evidence indicates that Montessori children are more prepared for the following stages of school than their peers.

Montessori education develops social and intellectual abilities on a par with or better than those developed in a variety of other kinds of schools.

2 – Diverse Classifications Similar to Family Structure

The majority of Montessori classes in Abu Dhabi schools are multi-age, spanning three years on average. This recreates or introduces pupils to the traditional family structure.

Younger students gain confidence and knowledge from individuals with greater abilities and experiences, while older students understand what it’s like to be a role model or mentor. Teachers serve as role models for respect and act as mediators in conflicts.

3 – Children are held in high regard as individuals

The conventional educational system views each pupil equally. There is a utopian vision of what a kid should look like following program completion, and each child is expected to work toward this objective.

If a student looks to be veering off course, instructors coerce the student into conforming to a predetermined template. Regrettably, this is not always healthy or acceptable for the child’s growth.

The Montessori school, on the other hand, performs the polar opposite. It respects children as individuals and does not impose preconceived notions about what they would be like following the completion of the program.

Rather than that, the learning goals and curriculum are adapted to each student’s unique requirements.

This flexibility enables children to grow rather than suffocating their unique aspirations and abilities.

4 – Montessori school teaches order and discipline

When opponents of Montessori schools speak, they typically spread the misconception that pupils lack a feeling of structure and Order — which are critical in a conventional classroom context. This is not the reality.

Due to the fact that all activities and goals have very defined positions inside the space, children are instructed to return objects to their proper areas after they are completed.

The classroom is very neat, and students quickly grasp the value and need of an ordered atmosphere in comparison to students in other formats where instructors perform all of the setup and cleanup.

5 – Abu Dhabi School has a lower teacher-to-student ratio

Finally, you must evaluate the advantage of the lower teacher-student ratio seen in a normal Montessori classroom.

Whereas a regular school may have a teacher-student ratio of one to twenty-five, Montessori schools typically have a ratio of one to ten.

This method guarantees that each student receives an adequate amount of attention and attentiveness.


As with any teaching style, some instructors and parents adore Montessori Abu Dhabi School, while others are less enthralled. The advantages listed above will assist you in making your selection.


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