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What Are The Benefits Of Watching Matches?

Playing sports it is extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system, also thanks to the possibility of shedding a few unnecessary kilograms. You may not be able to burn calories while watching the games, but stimulating blood circulation is possible. All thanks to the emotions accompanying cheering, which improve circulation and make the person watching her heart beat faster. This applies not only to matches, but to any other struggles of athletes watched in front of the television. Only people with heart problems should restrain their emotions.

However, in order for the experiences to be as positive as possible and the stimulation of the circulation resulted from excitement and not irritation with communication problems and constant stuttering of relations, instead of questionable quality of online sports broadcasts, it is much better to opt for a good sports package, eg Polsat Sport Premium UPC. Fast fiber-optic internet and access to two Polsat Sport Premium channels, as well as four premium TV services without advertising and in Super HD quality, will certainly bring many unforgettable experiences.

Sport connects people, or why you should follow sports news in a group of friends

Sports games can be followed not only independently. It will be a much better idea to watch a match with your friends. Cheering together will not only strengthen ties, but also become an excellent topic for talks. What’s more, experiencing sports emotions together with other fans of a given team significantly improves your well-being and promotes the release of endorphins, which is also of great importance for your health. And in the event of a loss, you can always share your emotions with people who are experiencing the same, which greatly sweetens the bitter taste of failure.

By choosing the Polsat 스포츠중계 UPC package, you can enjoy access to sports channels also outside your home, e.g. during outings with friends. All thanks to Horizon Go TV, which allows you to watch the match also on mobile devices? A men’s trip is the perfect moment to watch the struggles of athletes together and lively cheer in a group of friends.

Which Polsat Sport Premium UPC package to choose?

Polsat Sport Premium UPC is available in the offer for both regular and new customers. Are you already using a fast, fiber-optic UPC connection? Choose the basic Polsat Sport Premium or Polsat Sport Premium + Eleven Sports option for only PLN 29.99!

New customers, however, have a choice of three fantastic opportunities that will allow them to experience sports emotions without restrictions, including:

  • Polsat Sport Premium UPC with 300 Mb / s Internet – this offer includes 116 channels, including 80 in HD resolution, Reply TV function, which allows you to play the broadcast at any time, and a Horizon decoder with a recorder and wifi, all for the price of 79 .99 PLN,
  • Polsat Sport Premium, as well as Eleven Sports channels and 300 Mb / s internet – this option also includes the Reply TV option and a Horizon decoder with a recorder and wifi, but the number of channels is already 163 (112 HD). The cost of the package is PLN 89.99,
  • Polsat Sport Premium with Eleven Sports channels and super-fast fiber-optic internet 500 Mb / s – here you also get access to 163 channels (112 HD) and the Replay TV option. In addition, the customer will also receive a Connect Box modem with wifi and a Horizon set-top box with a recorder, all for PLN 99.99.
  • Not only training, but watching sports alone can have many benefits. Order the Polsat Sport Premium UPC package and see for yourself!

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