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What are the services that are not considered in MetLife dental insurance?

MetLife Dental Insurance is a comprehensive dental insurance plan that covers the cost of dental procedures and supplies for a wide variety of dental needs for households. Whether you’re buying insurance for your children, grandchildren or just your family, MetLife Dental Insurance helps you save money on dental care over time. Some services such as orthodontia may not be included and may set maximum coverage amounts or age limits.

Usually the simplest MetLife Dental Insurance do not consider:

  • root canals
  • Prosthetics / Crowns
  • surgical removal
  • amalgams

So it is very important that when looking for dental insurance you review and compare what it offers in terms of coverage and price.

Is it convenient to take out family dental insurance in Mexico?

If you have a partner and children or if you want to insure your parents at the same time as you, you can explore the option of family dental insurance. A family dental insurance usually includes protection for 3 to 6 people with a considerable discount for having a single group contract. If you are interest, you can choose this option in our comparator.

Family MetLife Dental Insurance is aim at families who want to have dental protection and invest less money than with individual policies for general medical expenses; however at HelloSafe we ​​recommend that you consider it as a protection complement, since it is very important, especially in Mexico, to have with health insurance.

Depending on the insurer, it is possible to customize the volume of coverage or define certain characteristics of family dental insurance. Children are covered while they are minors, so it is a very efficient type of insurance to seek savings.

Each family dental insurance has its own conditions, so the best thing you can do is use our dental insurance comparator. You will see that there are many different possibilities and that the coverage volumes can vary a lot between one family dental insurance and another.

What is the price of dental insurance in Mexico?

As you can imagine, each insurer has its dental insurance at a different price. But, you can make some general accounts that will help you know the average price of dental insurance in Mexico:

  • The price of a basic individual dental insurance varies between $1,077.00 MXN for the cheapest up to $2,500.00 MXN for one of the most complete
  • The price of individual dental insurance with comprehensive coverage varies between $2,000.00 MXN and $3,500.00 MXN, although with exceptions in which the figure can increase considerably.
  • The price of family dental insurance can vary between $3,500.00 and $5,550.00 MXN depending on the insurer.

Dental insurance is paid through established monthly payments. Many insurers offer more affordable dental insurance prices if you supplement insurance you currently have with them with your dental insurance. Quote and compare the prices of different dental insurance in Mexico. It’s free and we also protect your data. Compare with just a few clicks!

How to find the best price for dental insurance in Mexico?

To find the best price for dental insurance in Mexico, the best are online dental insurance comparators. There’s a simple reason why it’s the best option: Insurers don’t have their dental insurance pricing information available. With few exceptions, in most cases it is necessary to contact each insurer by phone or write to share information about the price of your dental insurance.

But, unlike that, using an online dental insurance comparator is very simple. All you have to do is enter the type of dental insurance you are interest in. For example, choose “family dental insurance.” From there, the system will show you all the available proposals and, quickly, you will be able to see which of them are the cheapest or those with the best coverage.

What is dental insurance?

In Mexico, dental insurance is a type of medical insurance intend solely and exclusively for treatment and care for oral and dental health. In some cases, dental insurance in Mexico is also called a dental plan. Dental insurance is an ideal service to take care of our teeth, both for oral health and aesthetics, depending on the type of dental insurance.




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