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Dental insurance is a type of insurance. It deals with protecting you if you get a toothache. However, dental insurance does not cover dental implants or dentures.

In the Spanish health insurance market, the different types of insurance solutions are brought together, which, in this sense, the insurance companies make available to customers. Traditionally, three of them have had special relevance in the Health insurance segment: Healthcare, Reimbursement of Expenses and Subsidy or Compensation. Of these, although they all fulfill an essential function for the insured, the Healthcare Assistance is the one that has, with a great difference over the next one (Reimbursement of Expenses), with a greater number of clients. But lately, especially during the last two decades, another form of health insurance has experienced great development; it’s about Dental insurance.

Dental insurance: fundamental characteristics

One of the main reasons behind the magnificent evolution that, in recent years, Health insurance in the Dental modality has registered lies in the growing interest of Spanish citizens in caring for their health, finding among their priorities all those related to oral health. Thus, in addition to solving any type of oral pathology, dental insurance is a tool at the service of the insure that is characterize by being aim at preventing problems; that is, to maintain adequate oral health and avoid complications before they arise, so consultations, periodic check-ups or cleanings are include in these policies.

On the other hand, although the vast majority of Health Assistance policies offer the insured coverage of an oral and dental nature, the specific type of Dental insurance provides access to a much more complete list of services in this sense (tests and treatments), which It has nothing to do with those contemplated in Health Assistance insurance and, of course, in public health.

Likewise, another aspect to take into account in relation to Dental insurance is that it is Health insurance solutions that they offer to the user, although they also include completely free coverage (consultations, periodic check-ups, cleanings, extractions…), discounts to facilitate the insured access to the provision of a large part of the healthcare services that are included in the Dental insurance policy, among others, fillings, endodontics, orthodontics, implants, aesthetic treatments.

Other relevant issues in dental insurance

Dental insurance, although in the end it is a type of Health policy modality orient towards the provision of health care services, has many nuances that differentiate it from its “older brothers”, Health Care insurance for medical staff (with or without copay) and the Reimbursement of Expenses.

On the one hand, unlike Health Assistance insurance, Dental insurance does not contemplate grace periods so that its insure can have access to the treatments include in the policy; that is to say, these are insurance solutions that from the first day allow the client to enjoy all the guarantees that they incorporate; not in vain, they are sure that they are orient, in addition to solving any type of oral problem, to the prevention of ailments of this nature. Undoubtedly, the fact that Dental insurance does not include grace periods is one of the qualities best value by users of this type of Health insurance.

Likewise, together with the aforementioned absence of grace periods to be able to have access to any of the different services included in the policy, another of the qualities that distinguishes Dental insurance, with respect to Health Assistance, resides in the fact that the entities Insurers that distribute this type of insurance do not impose the obligation on the future client to fill out a questionnaire related to their oral health and their health history in this regard. This circumstance means that it does not exclude pre-existing diseases or pathologies; therefore, this type of insurance allows the insured to treat any type of oral disease, even those that they already suffered from before subscribing to the Dental insurance.

Dental insurance coverage

Dental insurance is, without a doubt, the preferred option for a large part of Spanish citizens to take care of their oral health. A modality of Health policies that, fueled by the growing interest of people in oral care, are in constant development. In this regard, insurance entities that sell it usually have more than one policy in this sense; from the most basic (as a general rule, they only include coverage such as consultations, check-ups, cleanings and extractions).

With their guarantees being similar to those offered by public health (with the difference that, among other things, the insured do not have to endure the long waiting lists that the public system has), to other types of much more complete Dental policies that, in addition to contemplating preventive medicine, make available to their insured an extensive list of healthcare services and dental treatments such as: root canals , orthodontics, fillings, implants or surgeries and extractions, among others. As a general rule, as noted above, the provision of this type of service has significant discounts for the insured, which will appear perfectly detailed in the conditions of the Dental policy.



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