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What does it mean to kill the nerve of a tooth or a molar?

Visits to the dental office must be made periodically and without exception to preserve our teeth’ health in the best possible conditions. However, there are those who let more time pass than necessary, which sometimes leads us to take maintenance alternatives that go beyond basic treatments. What happens if they kill the nerve of a tooth? At Sanitas, we explain it to you.

First of all, we want to emphasize that we always look for the best solutions for our client’s dental health in our clinics. All those clients who follow our recommendations carefully do not need this kind of intervention.

If you have neglected the daily maintenance of your teeth more than recommended and you are looking for information about killing the nerve of a tooth and its consequences, you are in the right place.

What happens if they kill the nerve of a tooth?

Surely you have ever heard the term endodontics, which is how this technique is truly known. If you do not know it, you should not be scared since it is a fairly common procedure to remove the deep part of the tooth when it is damaged and thus be able to clean the piece inside.

This treatment does not entail negative consequences but rather positive ones since we will be ensuring that the health of the tooth does not get worse. And what happens if the nerve of a tooth is not killed? It is quite possible that in the future, we will have to decide to extract it completely as a last resort so that it does not affect the rest of the oral structure.

Dental hypersensitivitypain when chewing, the change in color of the pieces, and the gums’ inflammation are some of the symptoms that indicate the need to kill the nerve of a tooth to stop its negative consequences. Keeping these signs in mind, how can you remove nerve pain from a tooth?

Habits as simple as eating a proper diet or undergoing thorough oral cleaning every six months help prevent pain in the nerves of the teeth, but once the discomfort appears, the most efficient solution is to go to your Sanitas dental clinic more nearby for our professionals to examine the problem before it gets worse.

When they kill the nerve of a tooth, does it hurt?

What happens if they kill the nerve of a tooth? Hurts? Absolutely. Many people tend to relate this pain to the treatment itself, but the truth is that it is a consequence of the inflammation of the tissues of the piece itself that causes this damage. Quite the opposite of what is stated in this question: one of the functions of endodontics is to end discomfort.

We hope we have adequately answered your question about what happens if the nerve of a tooth is killed. At Sanitas, we have different dental npi insurance policies for your subsequent treatments. Do not forget that you can contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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