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What Every Parent Should Know About Epilepsy: Treatment, Signs, and Brain Surgery

Epilepsy is a common nervous system disorder. Anyone with Epilepsy may experience recurring seizures that involve jerking movements of the arms and legs. They may also experience exhaustion, constant frustration, and confusion. Among children, diagnosing Epilepsy is easier. That is why visiting the right Epilepsy hospital in India is most important to safeguard and improve your child’s health in the long run. Max Hospital provides the best care through its team of qualified and experienced Neurologists and Neurosurgeons to diagnose and treat children with Epilepsy. Do not miss consulting them if required.  

Here’s more about Epilepsy in children for you to know about!

What Are The Signs Of Epilepsy In Children?

  • Constant staring
  • Body stiffening
  • Bladder control problems
  • Sudden falling that may be due to lack of consciousness
  • Being unresponsive to noise for a few moments.
  • Constant eye blinking that might be rapid
  • Breathing issues
  • Jerking movements of the legs and arms

If you discover that your child is exhibiting these symptoms, please consult the best Epilepsy hospital in India without any delay. They will help conduct a thorough diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment to help speed up the child’s healing. 

What Causes Epilepsy in Children?

In every age group, the causes may be different. However, identifying the same is important to get the right treatment. 


Among infants and newborn babies, birth trauma may be the most common cause of Epilepsy. A fever, infection, chemical imbalances in the baby’s body, and other congenital issues may result in Epilepsy. However, the case is different for children and adolescents. In this age group, the causes may be genetic factors, a brain injury, or consumption of alcohol and drugs. There can be other unrelated reasons too associated with the same. You may consult a reputed Epilepsy hospital in India for more details on the same. 

How Is Epilepsy in Children Diagnosed?

When you visit a doctor for your child’s Epilepsy problem, they might ask for a blood test report. The doctor may prescribe additional tests like an Electroencephalogram (EEG) for further analysis. Lumbar puncture, Computed Tomography scan, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging may also be recommended to conduct an in-depth analysis of the neurological reasons for Epilepsy in your child. Any good Epilepsy hospital in India will have the facilities for these tests. Please choose one accordingly. 

How Can Epilepsy Be Treated?

In most cases, your doctor will prescribe medications to gradually lessen the effects of Epilepsy on your child. However, if the case is severe, the consultant may recommend surgery. It is generally for those children who have uncontrolled seizures. However, following the precautions and medication your healthcare expert prescribes can help drastically in reducing this problem. Your child may stop experiencing seizures in the long run.

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