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What Gives When the Battery in My Disposable Vape Is Full? IVG Bar

IVG Bar Disposable vape is precharged and prefilled. There is no need to recharge it or refill it. A small window shows the amount of e-liquid, and the light tells the status of the battery. If the light is blinking, it means your vape is going to die soon. If the battery is full but still vape is not working, there may be many reasons behind it.

Understand The Internal Structure:

To find out why your disposable vape is not working, you have to understand the internal structure of these vape first. A vape has a very simple interior design; it includes:

An already charged battery

For atomizing-A cotton wick

An already filled cartridge

A coil for heating the E-liquid

Once you clearly understand the internal structure of the IVG Bar disposable vape, you can easily find the problem, why your vape is not working when the battery is fully charged.

Reasons For Not Working

There could be many reasons behind the vape’s improper or even not working. These reasons are explained below:

1.   Manufacturing Problems

Hundreds of disposables vapes such as elux legend mini are produced in factories at a time, so there is the possibility of your unluck that your vape has some sort of problem during manufacturing time. Maybe it is not assembled correctly. Or has issues like a faulty cartridge. Damaged wick, improper internal wiring. Or some difficulties in the heating element.

2.   Ran Out Of Liquid

These vape can stop working if the cartridge runs out of liquid. If the battery is charged and the vape is not hitting.  Maybe your vape’s liquid has finished. There is the possibility that you inhale a lot in a short time. Because the battery and amount of e-liquid are primarily the same. A disposable vape contains up to 400 puffs. But if you take a very deep puff. It may run out soon.


It could be possible that there are bubbles in the cartridge. So a vape is not hitting correctly.

Too hard a drawing of puffs can create too much pressure. Which can cause leakage in the cartridge. Due to this, your vape will stop working.

3.   Airflow Sensor Not Sensitive

If the disposable vapes like crystal bars are not hitting, there could be a problem with the airflow sensor. If it’s not hitting, it’s not sensitive enough to detect the airflow. Condensing in the airflow can stop the proper functioning of the sensor. Increase the air pressure by covering the intake vent with your fingers or hand while puffing.

How to Maximize The Working Of Disposable Vape

These vaping devices are designed primarily for short time usage.  By following these tricks, you can increase the lifetime of your vape:

Dont place the vape in a too hot or too cold place or in a place where temperature changes immediately. Keep it at a moderate temperature.

Keep the device turned off when you are not using it. It will save the battery and you can be used for a longer time.

Don’t draw deeply in rapid succession.


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