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What happens when I block numbers on the landline?

What happens when I block numbers on the landline?

Once you have blocked phones on the landline, you will never have to worry about calls from these numbers again. 

The person making the call will hear a message informing them that your number is unavailable or the call cannot be completed. 

On the other hand, you will not even know if those numbers have called you since the phone will not ring.

How to disable call barring on landline phones?

You may have decided to unblock landline calls. In that case, you must pick up the phone and dial *80. From that moment on, all the numbers you blocked will be able to call you again.

Block calls from anonymous numbers to the landline

If there is something that is annoying to users, it is called from unknown numbers. But there is something even worse, and they are calls from hidden or unknown numbers.

To be able to block calls from hidden numbers on your landline, you must first have a line that has caller ID. Otherwise, it will not be possible to activate this service since the line will not be able to distinguish who is calling from a hidden number.

If you have Caller ID service, simply pick up the phone and dial *77. From then on, all incoming calls from an anonymous number to your landline will be automatically blocked.

Unblock anonymous calls

Do you want to reverse the above process and allow incoming calls to your landline from hidden numbers? In that case, pick up the phone and press *87.

How to restrict outgoing calls from a landline

You can also restrict outgoing calls from the landline. However, in this case, you will depend on your telephone operator offering that service. Let’s look at the options offered by some of the most popular companies.


Vodafone is the company that offers a more complete outgoing call restriction service. In fact, when you sign up for a fixed telephone line with this company, it already comes with a default restriction, which prevents you from calling premium-rate numbers that start with 803, 907, 806, and 807, due to their high cost. This default restriction cannot be deactivated unless you send a claim to Vodafone in writing by fax to the number 963201550 or to the Post Office Box 317, CP 46080 (Valencia), including your name, photocopy of the DNI, date, and signature.

Apart from this, Vodafone also allows you to restrict outgoing calls from your phone manually. You can block generic outgoing calls or certain types of calls.

To restrict outgoing calls from the landline on Vodafone, you must follow these steps:

  1. On the Vodafone home page, at the top left, go to the “Line settings” section.
  2. Then go to “Call Options”
  3. Click on the “Fixed” service.
  4. Look for the option “Restrict incoming calls” to activate or deactivate the option.
  5. Select the “Activate” option. From that moment you will not be able to make calls from your landline.
  6. Click on “Got it” to finish the whole process.


To block outgoing calls on a Telefónica landline you will have to ask them to activate the service, which costs 4 euros per month.

This service allows you to restrict outgoing calls from the landline, regardless of the destination operator.

To activate or deactivate this service, you have to call the number 1004.

Keep in mind that this service forces you to restrict all outgoing calls from the landline, that is, you will not be able to create lists or choose specific numbers.


Blocking outgoing calls on an Orange landline must be activated by calling their customer service or from “My Orange” on their official website.

In this case, Orange allows you to restrict outgoing calls to certain special rate numbers such as 802, 806, 807, 905, and 907. However, you must bear in mind that there are certain numbers that cannot be blocked, such as 901 or 902, since they are customer support or information services of some official bodies or institutions.

That’s all from us. Now you know how to avoid being bothered by unwanted calls. But remember that you must first contact your operator to find out if you have activated the service and if they will charge you for blocking calls to the landline.

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