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What is MeWe? Understand how it works and how to use the social network

MeWe is a free social network that has no ads and promises not to store people, unlike other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With nearly eight thousand users in the world, MeWe calls itself anti-Facebook and claims to be the next generation of social network. In its use policy, the company promises security and total privacy of the information of the two participants.

The platform is also becoming popular as an alternative to Mark Zuckerberg’s service, due to the dissatisfaction of some users with complaints of privacy violations, interference in electoral processes and content censorship. Next, understand how MeWe works and how to use the social network.

Or what is MeWe?

A MeWe is an American social network launched in 2012 that works similarly to Facebook. The purpose of the platform is based on data security, so that it is made explicit in the Declaration of Privacy Rights that the information of two users is not within the company’s reach.

In practice, this means that MeWe publicly acknowledges that the data belongs exclusively to the users and that the control of their privacy is solely theirs. In recent years, the platform has seen an increase in the number of users and calling for attention from the media because of its critical position in relation to the monitoring policy of these two competitors.

What makes the MeWe social network different?

In terms of its day-to-day functionality, MeWe isn’t much different than the social network(s) it sought to replace. It has a timeline, groups you can join, friends you can make, a built-in messaging tool, and a profile page that you can customize and make your own.

However, all of this is filtered through the lens of privacy protection. MeWe is committed to never extract data from its users, nor sell their data to other companies. This places it in a diametrically opposite position to platforms like Facebook, which has evolved into a major data collection hub, and whose social functions act as a side business to the service’s main function: the sale of targeted advertising. .

MeWe Pro is a secondary and premium level of the MeWe account, through which you can add additional services to your social network account. For about $5 a month (first 30 days are free) you can get 100 GB of cloud storage space, and unlimited voice and video calls through the MeWe chat interface. It also unlocks additional emojis and stickers, custom profile themes, and badges.

That’s not the only way to personalize your MeWe experience when it comes to ads. While MeWe used to offer non-personalized ads, as of 2020, it doesn’t offer ads at all, relying on users’ Pro subscriptions and sales of other digital packages like stickers and badges to cover their bills.

Businesses that want to represent themselves on MeWe must also pay a small monthly fee to operate on the site, and there are cloud storage options and video calling packages to help generate additional funds.

There are no post boosting mechanics on the site, and no algorithmic management of what people see. So whether you like a page, follow an artist, or join a community group, you’ll see everything they post in chronological order. You can adjust what is displayed on your timeline page, but there will be no blocking or filtering of content based on an arbitrary algorithm or MeWe’s own.

Secret MeWe groups and concerns

Although MeWe fans love its hands-off approach to managing their feeds and lack of intrusive data mining and ad targeting, this has led to the site supporting a very niche clientele of groups and individuals who would likely have been rejected from other social platforms.

Due to the way MeWe allows the creation and management of secret groups, does not list groups or their members in major search engines, and prevents content from being shared with non-members, we have seen an increase in hate groups that find a home on MeWe.

Over the years, reports have been written about how white supremacists, anti-vaccines, and other conspiracy theory and hate groups have established themselves in MeWe. Although it is not necessary to interact with these groups on the site and many of them exist on other social platforms, it is worth keeping in mind when considering joining the website.

However, it could be argued that MeWe only facilitates the discussion of these types of views among already radicalized or converted individuals. Since there are no algorithms to push you towards groups that can encourage more extreme opinions, as there is on Facebook, you are unlikely to interact with these communities unless you seek them out.



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