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Business Outsourcing, outsourcing or external services, is the name give to the business strategy that allows us to contract the services of suitable personnel to carry out specific tasks for defined periods of time or for specific projects. This type of hiring seeks to strengthen and refresh the work team of companies, as well as manage solutions from a different perspective.

The main motivation for this type of hiring is to increase productivity and derive in optimization of time and resources. This is how functions are delegate to a company or team specialize in them, to increase production, access better technologies or reduce costs within the organization. Tasks range from facility maintenance to complex and meticulous processes like accounting or talent recruitment.

Among the advantages and benefits of this service are:

  • Timely and effective response to environmental change;
  • Strengthening of company processes;
  • Construction of commercial and corporate relationships;
  • Diffusion of a new and better image of the organization;
  • Head-to-head competition with other companies in the sector with better technologies and greater reach;
  • Familiarization with new technologies;
  • Optimization of delivery times and quality, which favors organizational development;
  • Obtaining accurate data to optimize decisions;
  • Access to better technological resources;
  • Availability of information services in a timely manner;
  • Application of talents and resources in strategic sectors of the company;
  • Flexibility within the organization and reduction in its fixed expenses.

There are different types of outsourcing that go according to the need and type of organization:


In general terms, it is a subcontracting to carry out a specific task and that is not part of the strategic tasks or activities of the company. Their main motive is cost reduction. For example: help desk service, infrastructure and application monitoring, programming and support team.


Here we are already talking about fostering a very close and stable relationship with a third party. They are strategic alliances that take shape according to the codependency. That exists between the task and the other functions of the organization. They are sought after to improve the quality or capacity of the company.


In this scenario, both organizations share responsibilities and the risks that exist in the provision of the service. That is, there is a partnership relationship between organizations. En casa -It is only in cases where the Business Outsourcing service is performed within the facilities of the company requesting it.


It is when a company hires a foreign company to handle tasks or manufacture its products. This is because the foreign company can offer lower management or production costs than the national ones.

Off site

The services that are execute within the facilities of the companies. That provide the service and are then distribute directly to the consumer from that place are call.

It is very important when hiring this service or staff, to take into account that the results will depend largely on the team and resources that are available, as well as promoting the integration of this person or persons into the company’s work team, trying to so that everyone is align and oriented towards the same purpose.

Although autonomy must be provide, it is also necessary for these personnel to have a clear understanding of the mission, the product strategy and the goals to be achieve in the short term.

In every group or team, the figure of the leader must emerge. Who will be in charge of communicating the problem that needs to be solve. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the leader to explain why it is necessary to solve said problem. Once placed in a situation, it is the turn of the ‘squads’ to collaborate with each other to find the best solution to the problem posed. On the other hand, the figure of the specialist is also important to determine the best practices to apply both in incidents and in new projects.

Outsourcing figure

The figure of outsourcing today is highly require within companies since it is a human tool that will add a lot of value to the company by developing best practices within the institution, in addition to providing better customer service by optimizing response times and resources.

At ByondIT we have different types of outsourcing or Executive Services at your disposal such as: Center of excellence, Squad Team, Swat Team and Consultant on demand, each one with different characteristics that are adapt to the particular needs of the different types of business or Business.


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