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What is SR22 insurance for non-homeowners?

You may have been caught driving drunk, driving under the influence of drugs, or speeding. He may also have been involved in an accident while he was uninsured or underinsured.

Having SR-22 insurance allows you to regain your driving privileges in such scenarios.

That said, contrary to popular belief, the SR-22 is not insurance. Instead, it’s a certificate attached to your existing car insurance policy that means you have the minimum required coverage. This ensures that even if you have another accident, you will at least be able to meet your financial responsibilities.

One thing you need to understand is that there are different types of SR-22 certificates such as owner, owner-operator, operator, and non-owner.

In this article, Magnum Insurance will discuss SR-22 non-homeowners insurance, what it is, and how it works.

What is SR22 insurance for non-homeowners?

Before we can understand SR22 non-homeowners insurance, we must first discuss the different types.

1. Owner

2. Owner-Operator

3. Only for non-owners or operators

What does the SR22 include for non-owners?

An SR22 that you do not own shows that you are paying your insurance premiums regularly, despite not owning a vehicle.

Your insurance policy should include the minimum required coverages if you obtain a non-owner SR22 certificate, such as legal liability, bodily injury, and property damage. It will not cover you in the event of an accident, but it will cover other people and their vehicles that are involved.

SR22 coverage for non-homeowners

SR-22 non-owner insurance covers any vehicle you drive that is not owned by you or a member of your household.

If you have an accident while driving a rented or borrowed vehicle and you are found liable, this insurance will kick in.

As mentioned above, here are some of the coverages included:

  • bodily harm Medical injuries, the costs of a checkup, medications, and more are included in liability coverage.
  • Damage to property. The insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing the other party’s property. Depending on your policy, this may be anything but your vehicle.
  • Legal responsability. Expenses for legal matters related to the incident will also be included. This expense includes settlement fees, attorney’s fees, etc.

How to get SR-22 non-homeowners insurance?

Getting SR22 insurance can be a stressful activity. After all, not all insurance providers offer or even allow SR22 certificates.

However, Magnum Insurance makes the entire process very convenient. If you don’t already have an auto insurance policy or if your provider isn’t willing to issue an SR-22 certificate, be sure to contact us.

Our licensed agents can arrange customer-friendly quotes that are sure to make obtaining a non-owner SR-22 certificate not only easier, but cheaper as well.

If this sounds like something you like, give us a call now!

Get SR22 Insurance with Magnum Insurance

It can be difficult to find the right provider, but luckily, Magnum Insurance is here. With our customer-oriented service and friendly rates, even something like handling an SR-22 situation will be a piece of cake.

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