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What is the difference between nepotism and favoritism?

The main difference between nepotism and favoritism is that nepotism favors relatives and relatives while boyfriends and girlfriends favor friends.

what is nepotism

Nepotism essentially refers to the act of favoring relatives or relatives. In short, it means favoritism towards the members of one’s kinship. Someone in a higher position can abuse his or her power to promote or help family members. For example, the situations where a politician’s son gets a similar political position in a country, and situations where relatives of high-ranking officers occupy easy positions in the career and other fields or favoritism in the education sectors. This happens despite the fact that the family members mentioned do not have the necessary qualifications or references.

The etymology of the word nepotism can be traced back to the Latin word ‘nepos’, meaning ‘cousin’. In earlier times, this term was associated with the religious field that included the assignment of cousins ​​to cardinal positions by Catholic popes and bishops.

At present, however, this is widely seen in politics, where some individuals, regardless of their qualifications, are mainly addressed because of family ties. As a result, those who are truly qualified and deserving face tremendous injustices in society. This in turn creates inequality and unfavorable conditions in workplaces, leading to power corruption and brain drain.

What is favoritism

Cronyism, unlike nepotism, refers to the act of favoring a friend. So this means favoritism based on friendship. As with favoritism, in favoritism, one who is in a higher position or one who has influence over another uses that power or ability to promote and help his or her friend.

For example, situations where someone could get a position in a company because he is a friend of the CEO of the company. Hence, favoritism often occurs when the contractor and beneficiary are in a social contract where the beneficiary eventually becomes a strong ally of the caller.

Nevertheless, like nepotism, cronyism also has very negative consequences, especially in the low-quality labor and other related sectors. There will also be a high level of brain drain from a country. Moreover, both types are unethical and committed through corrupting power.

Similarities Between Nepotism and Favoritism

  • Nepotism and favoritism are types of favoritism in a career or other field, including politics, entertainment, business, or religion.
  • Both take place regardless of the qualifications or credentials of the beneficiaries.
  • Both also have negative consequences, with the truly qualified and talented people having to face the injustices in the related field, often leading to power corruption and massive brain drain through
  • Moreover, these phenomena have the ulterior motives; the main motive may be to have the beneficiary party as an ally or confidant for the beneficiary party.
  • In addition, it is unethical practices that cause social discrimination.

Difference Between Nepotism and Favoritism


Nepotism refers to favoritism based on kinship while favoritism refers to favoritism based on friendship. Thus, this describes the main difference between nepotism and favoritism.


Nepotism further describes the above: favoritism for relatives and relatives to recruit or promote high positions and to assign authorities in a particular field. On the other hand, favoritism includes favoritism for friends or family of friends to recruit or promote to elevated positions and to assign authorities in a particular area.


Nepotism often happens in religious, career-based, entertainment and religious sectors while favoritism usually happens in political, career-based, entertainment sectors. This is another difference between nepotism and favoritism.


Indeed, favoritism has negative consequences in different social contexts. Nepotism and cronyism are two such modes of cronyism that differ according to the parties benefiting from these favors. Thus, the main difference between nepotism and favoritism is that favoritism favors relatives and relatives while favoritism favors friends.

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