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What is the price of a root canal?

Information and price of endodontics at Dr. Ferrer’s dental clinic in Madrid.

The price of a root canal in Madrid varies depending on several factors, although, in general, its cost depends in most dental clinics on the number of canals that need to be treated by the endodontist to remove the nerve from the tooth.

A root canal is a conservative dentistry treatment that is performed to remove part or all of the tooth’s pulp and then seal the pulp canal.

Endodontics, what is it for?

Through this conservation treatment, it is possible to devitalize or kill the nerve to save the tooth.

The endodontist will remove the root of the tooth and the pulpal tissue of the tooth to eliminate infection and pain.

Conservative dentistry allows for maintaining natural teeth, avoiding their loss and subsequent replacement with dental implant treatment.

Conservative dental treatment such as endodontics will always be cheaper than the price of crowns and dental implants, treatments that are performed when the tooth has been permanently lost and cannot be recovered.

  • Endodontics is also known by the name root canal treatment; it is performed in cases of fractured teeth, deep caries that have led to lesions in the pulp tissue.
  • The pulp is what is commonly known as the nerve of the tooth. It is the soft tissue inside the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels.

What does the price of endodontics depend on?

The cost of a root canal can vary from one clinic to another, although in Madrid, the rate generally depends on the number of root canals that need to be treated by a specialist dentist.

The price of dental fillings is lower than the cost of endodontic treatment.

Teeth can be classified according to the number of roots or drivers they have:

  • Teeth that have only one root or single root: the incisors, canines, and premolars except the first of the upper arch.
  • Teeth that have two roots: are the first upper premolars and the lower molars; they are known as radicular.
  • Teeth that have three or more roots: like the upper molars, the endodontics that this type of dental piece will need will be multi-radicular or poly-radicular.

How much does a root canal cost in our dental clinic?

Last update May 24, 2020. Visit the dental treatment rates section of our dental clinic.

Endodontic cost of 1 canal

Single-root or canal endodontics is performed on teeth with a single root and therefore have a single canal. They are the anterior teeth and sometimes the premolars.

The price of rotary single root endodontics in our dental clinic is €230.

Cost of a 2-canal endodontics

Biradicular or two-canal endodontics is performed on teeth that have two roots. Generally, these teeth are usually premolars and sometimes a molar.

The price of rotary radicular endodontics in our dental clinic is €250

Cost of a multiradicular endodontics

Multiradicular or polyarticular endodontics is carried out on teeth with more than two roots in molar teeth or teeth.

The price of rotary multiradicular endodontics in our dental clinic is €280

The costs of conservative and periodontal dentistry are cheaper than the cost of dental implant treatment,  which is the last solution when the tooth can no longer be saved.

Dentist’s recommendation:   don’t miss your appointments to come to the dentist. The cost is much cheaper when compared to the extraction of the tooth and the subsequent placement of an implant.

The price of caries and endodontics as conservative dentistry treatments is lower than implantology treatments that are used when the tooth has been permanently lost.

Budget for an endodontic treatment

  • When requesting a quote for endodontics, you must bear in mind that the cost of the reconstruction of the dental piece must also be added to the price of endodontics.
  • In some cases, it is necessary to reinforce the tooth with a  dental crown, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for functional reasons.
  • You can check all our dental treatment rates. If you have any questions about your dental budget, do not hesitate to contact our dentists.
  • To assess an endodontic case and know what treatment the patient needs, it is necessary to make a  panoramic dental x-ray and the assessment in person by a specialized dentist.

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