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What is the Purpose of Fertigyn HP 5000 Injection?

Fertigyn HP 5000 injection contains the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. This hormone exists naturally in the body and is essential during ovulation and pregnancy. A doctor can prescribe this injection to treat various conditions such as male and female infertility and during pregnancy. It’s also called the pregnancy hormone because doctors test for its presence in the urine and blood to determine pregnancy. 

When the embryo attaches to the uterus, the placenta produces HCG. For some women, the levels are too low, posing a risk to the pregnancy. Therefore, they require an artificial dose of Fertigyn HP 5000. Here are more uses of Fertigyn 5000 injection.

Maintaining Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, the body produces HCG to support and maintain pregnancy. This hormone triggers the release of progesterone and oestrogen. The three hormones work together, causing the thickening of the uterine walls to halt ovulation and menstruation. However, they have to be balanced for them to work. The progesterone and oestrogen levels may decrease when the body produces less HCG, triggering a miscarriage. For this reason, a doctor can prescribe the Fertigyn 5000 injection to enhance the HCG levels.

Female Infertility

Some women suffer from hormonal imbalance and infertility. This infertility is caused by anovulation, where the ovum fails to release an egg during ovulation. HCG works like the luteinizing hormone, which facilitates the egg’s maturity and the follicles’ rupture to release the mature egg. Therefore, when a woman has this kind of infertility, a doctor can recommend the Fertigyn 5000 injection to facilitate ovulation. 

Thus it increases a woman’s chances of conception. This treatment can also be used for people undergoing intrauterine insemination or In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). It ensures that there are mature eggs ready for retrieval (IVF) or fertilisation (intrauterine insemination)

Male Infertility

Fertigyn injection is also suitable for treating male infertility associated with low sperm count and hypogonadism. Low sperm count results from low testosterone hormone levels due to reduced luteinizing hormone. HCG functions like the luteinizing hormone, and it boosts testosterone production. In return, high levels of testosterone increase sperm production improving fertility. It’s also used to treat delayed puberty in adolescent boys with low testosterone levels. In addition, the injection improves testosterone hormone production, thus improving normal body function.

The dosage for this injection depends on the age and condition being treated. Usually, doctors use it as therapy until they achieve desired results. For example, women with infertility may use the drug even after getting pregnant.

Fertigyn HP 5000 prices

Fertigyn injection price varies from one pharmacy to another. It ranges between $50 and $200. For some places, Fertigyn price is inclusive of the service fee. Unfortunately, most insurance covers don’t cater for fertility treatments, and you’ll be required to pay.  

Fertigyn HP 5000 injection contains the HCG hormone, which plays a role in treating various conditions such as male and female infertility and maintaining pregnancy. In male fertility, it boosts testosterone production, improving sperm production. In females, it enhances the ovulation process increasing conception chances. Additionally, it prevents miscarriages by thickening the uterine wall preventing ovulation and menstruation.

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