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What liability does a business have when a customer gets injured on the business premises?

You can soon fall into trouble if your customer or client gets injured while being present on your business premises. Being a business owner, your top-most priority should be to ensure the safety of your customers. While guaranteeing safety, you should also be aware of the potential consequences of a customer’s accident inside your business premises.

A sudden injury may have a bad impact on your public reputation and there are also high chances of lawsuits in case the injury is severe. Although a Utah Injury attorney can help you with the possibilities you can try, here are a few points that you should keep in mind.

  • Seek instant medical help

If the client has been injured while on your business premises, there are some crucial steps that you should take within the first few days and hours following the injury. These steps are important as they protect you from liability. The foremost step that you should take when anyone gets injured at your workplace is to get medical attention. In case you fail to seek medical attention, this is the surefire way of pushing yourself further into trouble.

  • Report a worker’s compensation claim

Whenever you employee gets injured inside your business processes, you need to make sure that have all the required information on how to file a worker’s compensation claim. You should provide the employee with the worker’s compensation claim form immediately when you get to know about the injury. Next, you have to report the injury to the insurance company. Meanwhile, conduct an internal investigation regarding the injury.

  • Get in touch with your insurance company

In case the customer, client, or injured employee forces you to pay a huge settlement, you may fall in trouble. This is when you should always keep your insurance company notified and ready to protect you. Be sure to learn more about business insurance and the options that are open to you for adequate coverage. If you plan to make a claim on your liability insurance, your insurance company needs to be informed beforehand

  • Take the required steps to regain your lost reputation

Whenever a person accrues injury on your premises, it can do serious damage to your brand. If the accident happened due to some kind of negligence, or you were not careful, this can have a crucial impact on your sales. You may find it really hard to bounce back from the harm already caused to your business firm. Hence, it is best to take the situation positively and strengthen your brand image right away. If you successfully take steps to control the damage, you can prevent any serious revenue shortfall.

Therefore, if you were involved in such a legal case where you were held responsible for some accident that occurred on your business premises, make sure you take the above-mentioned steps. Get in touch with a slip and fall attorney to get legal and professional advice.

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