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Where is the Dessert Industry Heading in 2022?

Like fashion and other trends, food industry trends also keep changing and upgrading with time. This year, the food industry will likely see various directions, particularly in the dessert category. Since modern-day consumers are becoming more conscious of their health and the environment, they mainly focus on following sustainable practices. For instance, consumers are demanding food items that are eco-friendly, organic, and cruelty-free.

Even food manufacturers are all set to fulfil the needs of consumers with the latest dessert trends in 2022. Here are some noteworthy trends that you’re likely to witness this year in the food industry:

  1. Drinkable Desserts

According to food insights companies, many restaurants also add drinkable desserts to their menus. Drinkable desserts are generally for adults who need some alcoholic kick in a simple form. Even a cup of hot chocolate is a good form of drinkable dessert. However, chefs with creative nerve are turning their flavour profile to another notch with unique ingredients like chilli. Examples of drinkable desserts are apple pie milkshakes, smoked chocolate martinis, and blended fruit sorbets.

  1. Great Incline Towards Plant-based Ingredients

Recently, plant-based ingredients have become a rage in the market. With each year, more people are opting for plant-based, clean diets and nutrition. As per the latest studies, there’s a great demand for sustainable products. It means that it will also lead to an increase in the plant-based food industry by 2030. The same is likely to happen in the dessert market as well. So, food manufacturers and confectioners are trying to broaden their prospects for offering plant-based options to consumers. Hence, you are likely to see more plant-based ingredients in some of your favourite desserts.

  1. Adding a Spicy Twist

The confectioners are also focusing on delivering some great flavours in 2022. For instance, flavours like Chilli Raspberry, Cardamom, Mango Habanero, Allspice, and more are perfect with a spicy twist to regular pies, pastries, cookies, etc. Besides spicy, fusion flavours have had their charm lately. Bakers are even taking cues from the ethnic flavours to prepare some innovative desserts to blow consumers’ minds.

  1. Cocktail-inspired Desserts

Cocktail-inspired dessert trends are also up this year. Many enjoy new flavoured cocktails with traditional desserts like cakes, pies, and mousses. For instance, blood Mary pie, craft beer popsicles, and strawberry daiquiri cheesecake are trends these days. The best part is that this approach has endless possibilities. Plus, even a sweet-toothed person is likely to enjoy this unique blend of cocktail desserts.

  1. Celebratory Mode

Nowadays, people highly focus on celebrating special moments or saving their moments in the form of monuments. And, to celebrate such occasions, they need unique sparkles, confetti, and seasonal flavours. Some are even open to new tastes or themes for their sweets or cakes. Hence, recent trends of baked goods with unique textures or flavours are increasing. For instance, you can find more amazing pancakes, croissants, sourdough, or tsunami cakes. After all, innovation is becoming primary in baked or confection goods.

  1. Sports Nutrition Beverages

Another increasing dessert trend in the food and beverage industry is sports nutrition beverages. We agree that chocolate, coffee, and vanilla will always remain everyone’s favourite. But the new trend of sports nutrition beverages is rising in fruity, fun flavours like blood orange yuzu, rainbow sherbet, rocket pop, sour gummy, and salted watermelon.


Keeping up with the new dessert trends is one thing, but if you want to be future-ready, it’s vital to look for innovative ways to make your food products exciting for consumers. With this thought, many foods and dessert manufacturers in the industry are trying something new this year.

We hope all the bakers and dessert lovers out there make their 2022 sweeter with these dessert trends. From drinkable desserts to sports nutrition beverages, there are so many options to try.

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