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Which ID Card Software Is Best for You

You may purchase a variety of software packages to create and print your ID cards, and they are all really effective. But some software provides more and better functionality than the rest. You’ll find the following information useful in choosing the program that best suits your needs.

Review Your Database Requirements

If you want to reprint a lost card without having to enter any information or reload any images, use ID card software. You’ll need software with a built-in database. Typically, beginner-level software lacks an internal database. Mid-level or fully complete software with open database connectivity is required for exchanging your card data with an external database (ODBC).

For corporations, organizations, and retail stores, ID badges are designed and produced using ID card printing software. According to the needs of the group’s security requirements, the software enables the organization to create identification or bespoke cards for employees, students, members, or guests. Typically, ID card printers are used to print cards.

With the development of computer software, it has become easier and more capable to design and customize ID cards. The program makes it simple to print the vital information that must be on the badge. Names, addresses, logos, employee numbers, bar codes, and other information may be included. Smart cards and magnetic stripes can be encoded using certain software.

You have the option of printing many badges at once in addition to the database functionality. Additionally, database-capable software allows for global modifications to be made to your card files, eliminating the need to manually load each card. This is very helpful if you have a lot of cards that need to be changed.

Are You Going to Network-Install Your Software?

You will need software that allows network connectivity if you want to share card info or print over a WAN or LAN. Typically, software vendors offer master licenses that include network connectivity via separate software licenses. Only software with all available features provides network connectivity compatibility. However, not all network-capable software and vice versa is ODBC.

Will You Encode or Manually Write Data on Your Cards?

You can print conventional or one-dimensional barcodes in various formats using any card software product. You’ll need mid-level or fully equipped software with this particular capability if you want to print a 2D barcode. Additionally, touch and/or no-contact card encoding is possible with some applications.

Would You Need Extra Security Features for Cards?

Card security is offered by a number of mid-range and fully featured software applications, such as picture ghosting, which prints the primary image along with a smaller, transparent copy. This enables you to add greater protection to your cards without increasing the cost of producing them. Additionally, a number of software products allow you to set up passwords for the printer or select specific operation hours, sending a warning to the system manager when someone uses the printer outside of these hours.

Utilizing the Free

Utilizing the free samples provided by the suppliers before making the real purchase of any employee card software could be advantageous. By speaking with an expert in this sector, you’ll gain knowledge that will help you choose the program that is most suited to your needs.

A demo version of professional ID card software is available for free download. This version of the software typically allows you to examine its features and format at a lower level. You have the option to buy the full version if you’d want to at the conclusion of the trial version.

The software typically comes with a start-up guide that will help with program installation and initial badge creation after purchase. The software’s help features direct the user with inquiries regarding card design, databases, printing, and other topics.

Leading card software producers include Jolly, eMedia PRO, EpiSuite, Data card ID Works Photo, and ID. These software packages offer a simple method for designing and producing ID cards that can be produced using an ID card printer. If your business needs to create precise, premium custom cards, software greatly simplifies the process compared to using Microsoft Office or graphics tools.


The use of card software has never been simpler. It is simple to create your ID card like a pro with a little research. You can do away with the demand for a graphic designer and independent ID card printers. The purchase of the card printing program will help your business save money and time.

You can select the version that is ideal for your needs by comparing the different ID card software options. ID card integrators can assist you in determining your demands and recommending the finest choices to satisfy your immediate and long-term card printing requirements.

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