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Who can you enroll in your health insurance?

There are different insurance options for different situations, even for the odd insurance potential for things necessary to protect us in case something terrible happens. 

Also, they are meant to protect us, at least financially, if something happens.

This article explains what insurance is, why it is necessary, the different types of insurance coverage, and the best companies for health, life, and auto insurance near you. 

The family is the most valuable treasure we have. That is why we always try to take care of it and ensure its well-being. To contribute to this objective, health insurance is an excellent option, as it allows us to guarantee adequate care for our families in the event of illness and accidents. In addition, they will enable us to enjoy this care without tremendous economic pressure on the family, since generally, only a tiny copay must be covered.

All health insurance offers you the possibility of extending your coverage, for an additional payment, to your spouse or concubine and your children until they are of legal age. In the latter case, the range can be extended up to 25 years (varies according to the insurer) if they are studying. And if your children cannot work due to illness or accident when they reach the age of majority, the insurance will cover them for as long as necessary. At the same time, the disability exists, and your insurance is valid.

To include your family members in your insurance, you must present the updated identity document of each member you wish to have. In addition to the forms requested by the company, a simple copy of the Marriage Certificate or Recognition of Union of Done (in the case of concubines) and a copy of the Medical Disability Opinion in case you have children of legal age in this situation.

The coverages that your family will access are the same ones that you access. Remember that the range is total in public health insurance (EsSalud, Police Forces, and Armed Forces). In contrast, private insurance is restricted to what is stipulated in the policy you contract. Therefore, you must review it in detail and know its terms and conditions.

Can I add my family to the insurance?

Yes, you can add your family to the complementary health insurance. At the beginning of your policy, you must incorporate your children, spouse or civil partner, or non-civil partner with children in familiar and parents as allowed by your guidelines.

You can also incorporate your newborn children and spouse, civil partner, or cohabitant with children in common in case the birth or marriage or civil union agreement had been carried out

recently, within the period established in each policy.

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